Se Spark Plug Wires

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    Been reading some info that Screamin Eagle spark plug wires can cause problems on newer bikes. I wanted to replace the stock wires on my 2016 FXDL, just for the looks of the colored wires, but I was reading that it can mess up the EFI, or something, on new bikes. Thoughts?
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    I've been running a set on my 05 for 2 years with no issues.
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    Do not worry, I have run them for years with NO problems, they ohm out the same as stock ones the insulators are just fatter, however the ECM can detect different spark plugs the ion sensing does this
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    Other than internet propaganda that I have read. The only other person that I heard complain about the S.E. wires was the dyno guy. He showed me how he would lose the signal. All it told me was the insulation was better so he couldn't pick up the EMF as good. I cant tell the difference. Although because of the thicker insulation, I found that they do not fit into the factory looms very good and that would depend on your model.
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