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    I recently got a 1986 sprotster 1100 running again. I replaced the plugs and rebuilt the carb. When I put some new gas in it, it started as soon as I hit the switch. But when it started, IT REAAAALLLLYYYY STARTED!!! It actually scared me a bit and I had to jump and turn it off. The throttle was completely off. The throttle screw was backed all the way out and the choke was 3/4 of the way out. I decided to screw the idle mixture screw down tighter and that didnt help. So I backed it out and it helped a little. Then I messed with the choke and I found a happy medium at the HALF WAY MARK. (which is really weird, never seen a carb do that) If I drop the choke all the way down (where a normal idle would be), the engine screams. If the choke is all the way up (where a realativley high idle would be) the engine screams. When the choke is at the middle, the idle is lower but it is not a steady idle. There is no harley put put... put put... put put..., it is an unsteady idle. Does anyone know what I did wrong on my carb rebuild??????
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    Have you checked your butterfly to make sure it is closing all the way?
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    S&S has a good reference section on their website with manuals for the carbs. I have printed them from there more than once. :D
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    Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I think the butterfly was only 98% closed but I dont think that would account for everything. Thanks also for the links guys, they will help alot.

    Yeah, I flipped the butterfly and slid some washers behind the air cleaner plate and really tightened it to the block good and it was able to idle much better. Not perfect yet but really an improvement.

    Thanks guys
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