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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by badge171, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Replaced my compensator sprocket today (2009 FLHX), pulled the cover off and found the starter ring gear had a missing tooth. never had any large pieces of gear in any of my primary lube changes so wheres the tooth, have some gouges in the inner primary case, keep on disassembling got to the alternator broken magnets and pieces of the tooth,not sure but doesn't seem to be any damage to the stator,but kinda (EDIT) bike has no miles on it. My questions, do I have to buy the whole clutch pack or can I purchase just the basket with the gear, does the bearing need to be replaced? and one more thing what size is the clutch assembly nut 1 1/8 too small and 1 /14 to big hope I don't need more tools. thanks for the help...

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    Clutch nut is 1 3/16". I think a 31mm is the fit, as even with the 1 3/16" its still a tad sloppy but will work. I picked one up ( 1 3/16") at Advanced Auto for $6.

    Bummer on the broken tooth. I'm in the middle of doing my SE comp upgrade and ring gear and pinion are ok. There was one post recommending to check the inner splines on the clutch hub. Make sure they're not grenading on you, as that leads to possible bearings needing replacement.

    Can't help you on what best to do with the clutch pak.
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    Not sure what's the best with the clutch pak but I would put in new bearings.
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    Is bike not under warrty? 2 year unlimited miles
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    It is still under warranty for 1 more month, Not sure what the dealer will do , bringing a box full of broken parts, not asking for anything for nothing but it is the fifth bike i have bough ten from them, If they don't do something it might be the last, besides I already purchased the s/e compensator, and by the way original compensator had little if no wear , guess that ring gear was all my trouble. thanks guys for the help
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    Offer to tow bike in and pay to have upgraded compensator installed. Hopefully they will take care of the rest. Best of luck.
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    One more question, not sure of the right term, but should the starter drive also be replaced, (the gear that makes contact with ring gear) I looked at it best I could, seems scared, but no chips or broken teeth,,,, thanks again
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    When my 07 Streetbob broke the ring gear The Moco replaced the whole clutch assembly under warranty, Back to the Dealer
  9. Hoople

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    If your looking for "wear" on your old compensator your probably not going to find any. The reason you are changing it is not due to wear. The dished washer springs will get weak. That is where the noise comes in. You really would need a tool like a psi gauged valve spring compressor in order to measure the pressure needed to compress the compensator springs.
    So don't just go by appearance.

    Really sorry to hear about the basket ring gear tooth. Those teeth just don't chip off. You may want to check the starter pinion tooth entry by energizing the solenoid but while you inhibit the starter from turning. That is something you want to check just to be on the safe side with your new ring gear.
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    Hopefully the dealer will buy into something along the line of: If you had brought the machine in for them to do the work, they would have found the same broken pieces. At least you have saved them some of the tear down, good luck.