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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by baldharleyrider, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. baldharleyrider

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    Does anybody have an opinion on beach bars on a 2003 flhr? Thinking about putting some on but don't know if they are comfortable. Don't really ride real long distances but long enough that i don't want to be uncomfortable
  2. Bodeen

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    Everybody has different tastes in bars. I put Heritage bars on mine and like them ok. I may change them one day too. They are WAY, WAY better than the stock ones were. They hurt my neck.
    The best advice is to check out somebody's bike that has beach bars and ask to sit on it and see. That being said beach bars are not for me, unless its one that has a full liquor bar!
    Use the search feature above, lots of info on bars.

  3. Chopper

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    The beach bars do kinda give the king a old 50's style feel, but they are not for me, the police bikes come with road king Heritage bars on them, and usually harley puts the most comfortable stuff on the police bikes because they know the officer spends all day in the saddle and harley wants the city contracts as well. I would try sitting on a few bikes with different bars to pick the right set for you.
  4. 01 Roadking

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    Opinions being like belly buttons ( everyone has them ) :) you of course are the only one that can say what is comfortable for you but, I have a set of beach bars on my Roadking classic and I love them. I rode it to Gatlinburgh, Tennessee from Cincinnati, Ohio and all that week on the tail of the dragon, and other area mountain roads and I was very comfortable with them. I agree with the others, try one and see how it feels for you.
  5. spartacus55

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    I started out with stock bars on my 2007 RK and then went to heritage bars (did'nt like the wrist angle) then went to reduced reach which were very comfortable and now have just bought wild 1's chubby 14 in. apes from hcc my friend has them and i loved the ride and the look. YEAH YOU GOT IT I AM A NUT.That's right all toll over 2 grand just in handlebars. Hopefully i don"t get any friends with the beach bars i see another expensive bill for handle bars in my future.
  6. wayne170747

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    I just wonder. Has HD changed the bars on the Road King. I bought a 2009 FLHR. The bars are comfortable, I don't need to reach forwards. I'm only 5' 9" with a 33 inch sleave.