Riding Duds

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  1. glider

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    It was suggested by a member that we should start a thread about riding duds, what we found that works to keep you warm and comfortable.

    Include brand names and styles too if you can.

    Include boots, chaps, gloves and anything else that you think would help.

  2. Jack Klarich

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    Performance Clothing, Sports Apparel, Cross Training Shoes USA I use this, dressed in layers, jacket and chaps, always wear boots for ankle support. Some one once asked why I always wear gloves even in the summer, My only answer is if you take a tumble what is your first thing that hits HMMM usually the hands so it has been a no brainer for me
  3. Breeze3at

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    I always wear boots, and prefer lug soles because they are a bit more non slip.
    I prefer deerskin gloves in moderate weather because they don't get stiff after being wet. I've had the same pair for more than 12 years ($10 at Lowes). Turn them inside out when new and trim off the excess next to the seams, and they are as comfy as driving gloves.
    In cold weather I multi layer with a leather jacket on top. Last year I was too fat for my leather jackets, and I found that a synthetic textile jacket kept me as warm, if not warmer than the leather. I have insulated leather and insulated thinsulate gauntlet gloves. The thinsulate are warmer and lighter.
    Cool to moderate cold, I wear chaps and long johns under my jeans. Very cold, I have lined leather over pants that zip from hip to ankle for on/off ease.
    I wear a half helmet, and a stocking type cap pulled over my ears works to keep the ears warm. Below 30°, I wear a neoprene face cover that I don't like much. I'm good for about 200 miles in low 20's cold before I'm ready to quit.

    RAWLDYMAN Active Member

    Always: leather boots for ankle protection
    Textile waterproof motorbike trousers with vents, hip & knee armour
    Leather gauntlet gloves

    Cold weather: Akito armoured jacket
    3 (or, if really cold, 4) layers short/long sleeve T shirt combo -
    I find multiple light layers warmer than, say, 2 heavies

    Warm weather: T shirt & Akaso leather bomber jacket
  5. dbmg

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    Boots - 2 different Harley boots, Logger and Standard type
    Jackets - 3 Different types Heavy codura, mesh codura, Fieldsheer. off brand leather. All have liners for varing degree of temperature.
    Helmets - Open face for cold and half helmet for warmer weather, Scorpion
    Gloves - 6 different types and brand to cover all type of weather.
    Body Armour and lined jeans also over pants if I want to brave temps below 35 degrees.
  6. fin_676

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    As i live in part of the world where rain is never far away and neither is cold air i tend to dress for bad weather most of the time i always wear boots magnun elite 900 8" boot at the moment waterproof and warm
    on short journeys or day trips i wear jeans on longer or cold weather i wear cordura trousers with or without the quilted liner depending on temperature
    cordura jacket again liner in or out as per temp
    gloves i have summer in leather. intermediate in cordura/leather and winter in leather or cordura
    full face helmet with liner or head over in cold weather

  7. stikman

    stikman Active Member

    I wear Cruiser Works boots waterproof and made in the US.
    I always wear gloves, during the hot weather textile, cooler weather deerskin and cold Gerbing's heated gloves.
    for cool weather I still wear leather, Schott jacket and Kelly's chaps but prefer textile.
    Textile for cold weather plus Gerbing's heated liners, textile's are Harley and keep you very warm.