REPLACEMENT for PLEDGE yes a replacement

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    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I found a very good Inexpensive spray can that DOES work like the OLD PLEDGE...

    Bought at FAMILY DOLLAR Store...

    Yellow plastic cap top.
    says compare to pledge .
    Furniture Polish/with Lemon Oil...

    Well anyway, I bought 2 cans at very little cost. (Go look as I don't remember)...... Thinking it was under 2 dollars for a 10 oz spray can.

    Just tried it out today on a BAD location, hard to get to on the King...
    You know the place:
    Between the wind screen and headlight. That area, usually left until it is Really Bad..... And it was...

    Sprayed enough to create a white foam to cover. (good, easy to direct, paint top type sprayer) Then let it set for half a minute... Windscreen taken off, microfiber in hand, wiped in a deliberate motion to loosen the GUCK and immediately the baked-on-bug-guck from several days riding and sitting in the sun, GONE... Then using dry spot on microfiber, Shinned the chrome like Old Pledge used to do...

    WOW was my thinking, so I tried it on the windscreen.... Presto, unlike the newer Pledge... This stuff cleaned and left a glaze that wiped off with little work leaving a un-smeared shine..

    UN Like the Newer Pledge that changed its propellant to an environment friendly gas... It SMEARS and doesn't remove or shine like the old Pledge it used to be.

    That is where the whole Pledge Disaster happened. The gas is No longer the type that Ignites (petroleum based) like this product WARNS about.

    I do think that IS what changed the New Pledge to NOT work like the Old Pledge...Lack of Petroleum Base Gas.

    No, I did not flame the Dollar Store Polish to try. BUT the warning on the Family Dollar can says so, Do Not use around open flame or excessive heat.

    I would not steer you wrong... It Worked great...:D :gh

    IT Is made in china but What Isn't today?

    It does say Not made by S C Johnson and Son, but does ask YOU to compare it to Pledge.

    Give it a try and Lodge your feelings here Please.

    I sure Missed the OLD Pledge but glad I found THIS replacement.:bigsmiley16:

  2. Duane53

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    Is there a name on the can so we don't have to read evey can of spray?
    Thanks for the info Bubbie.
  3. Taildraggerdave

    Taildraggerdave Active Member

    Good find. I remember using Pledge on the windshield and it left a haze that I couldn't get rid of...(without Plexus). I probably had the new Pledge.
    I'll have a look next time at the dollar store.

    Take care,
  4. Sunnysideup

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    Thanks Bubbie! I'll take a look next time im out of my fav jelly beans it seems only Family Dollar carries.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    Bought at FAMILY DOLLAR Store... Saying: on the Look alike can for pledge

    Furniture Polish/with Lemon Oil...

    Yellow plastic cap top.
    says compare to pledge .

    No problem to see it. It IS Family Dollar Brand.

  6. Jeff Klarich

    Jeff Klarich Well-Known Member Contributor

    Thanks for the tip, I'm just about out of the old pledge.