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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by cityhawg, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I tried removing the fuel pump assembly out of the tank on my 03 FLSTFI. I can't see how to do this since it looks like a huge assembly. I got as far as getting the filter exposed, along with the big clip that holds it in place but then I noticed the huge set up attached to it (sits on the left side of the tank). I assume it's the guage and pump set kit.

    Do I need to twist somehow or do I need to remove, cut, disengage something to get it all out.

    My goal is to take it all out to clean the tank. My bike sat around for almost 7 years and the inside looks like it had paint remover in there.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Let me be the first to suggest that your first priority should be to get a hold of the HD Service Manual for your bike. Best $60 you'll ever spend if you intend to do any work on your bike.
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    Get the parts catalogue for your model while you're at it. It has helpful exploded views of your entire scooter, with part numbers for each part. Many part numbers have been superceded, but it is alot easier to get the new numbers if you have the old ones.

    Rich P
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    Harley Davidson Community use all new gaskets and sealing washers
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    Hey cityhawg....just went thru this with my '01 Road King, but the reason I took mine apart is because the bike wouldnt run. Not sure if I would go thru the hassle just to "clean it"... IMO, I would change the filter(not too difficult except for those annoying factory clips), then siphon out the tank & refill with fresh gas. If u do decide to pull it all apart, its really not as hard as it looks....first, tape up the tank(to protect it), then siphon out the gas, then unbolt tank plate/canopy & pull up to expose filter. Now disconnect lines from filter & remove it for clearance. At this point, u have to wiggle/spin/manuever the pump assmbly(gently) and it "will" come out(although it doesnt look like it). Once its all out, make a parts list cause u should replace all the convoluted hoses, hose clamps, filter, top gasket/screws, etc...(can be pricey too). One important point, DE-PRESSURIZE THE FUEL LINES BEFORE TAKING THEM APART!.....AND GOOD LUCK:)
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    On my 07 it seemed like it was impossible for it to come out of the tank, but after consulting my shop manual it pointed out the fact the the unit actually articulates so that you can get it in and out easily. It will take a few head scratches to figure it out how it bends but well worth it. Be sure to mask around the opening, a must for this set Jo so you don't get any unwanted scratches. Also which it's out change the plastic fuel hose that goes from the pump to the quick disconnect. This hose is notorious for pin hole leaks, and will just be a headache to remove it all over again.
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    Lots of good info, thanks everyone!
    1 - Service & parts manuals are on their way.
    2 - Great link.
    3 - Yep, I started working on it and thanks to you guys, it's making a lot of sense on how to take it apart. I'm now pumped to get this done with.

    Thanks again. :D