rear engine guard vs short rider

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    I am riding a 2007 Road King Classic. My wife is short and whenever she sits behind me she has problems with the floor boards. The rear engine guard pushes her legs to far forward and it interferes with me when I stop and put my feet down. She also complains about the guard rubbing on the back of her legs. I have looked but do not see any rear floor board that are on the market to prevent this from happening. Should I just remove the rear guards and go without? Does anyone else have this problem and or a solution? I keep telling her if she goes back to her on scooter the problem would be solved. She states she prefers to enjoy the view....
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    My wife complained of same problem and she is "Short"!!! hahaha I put street glide bag mounts on so they didn't get near her legs. She was a happy camper after that. However your bags have no protection so the sloping guards may be better for you? I liked the street glide look.
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    Guess you have to have 5 posts before you can post links so you'll have to search.

    My fiance complained of the same thing plus the back of my calves sometimes jam her feet back.

    I just put on Reduced Reach Passenger Floorboard Mounts Part #50789-99B.

    We haven't gotten a chance to try them yet.

    Other options:
    Baron Custom Raise up mounts - cheaper than HD new, we got HD off ebay pretty cheap.

    Kuryakn Adjustable Passenger Pegs- these look pretty sweet. Multiple positions for those long rides.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks Breeze3at and RibEye

    I ordered the comfort bars. I think they will do the trick. However I am thinking about also ordering the adjustable floor board accessories. To allow the wife more comfort options. I realize the happier she is the happier I am.
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    Ya could get some of these for her as well.

    Adjustable passenger pegs

    Or do like I did and tell your wife to get her own bike, HAHA!!! :lolrolling