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    I bought a set of Stampede 2 in extended fwd controls for my 06 nightrain and and i am trying to get a new brake line from the controls back to fit the bike. the new controls the banjo bolt mounts to the inside vs the front like the stock controls. the line goes to the rear brake T box with sensor as a complete unit. Can i get a new T box for the rear brake sensor to make new lines and from where can i get this so i can finish this install. All the exstended kits that i have found show the banjo bolt connection bent for the front of the controls vs the side . I hope that I have made some sence and look forward to some advice on this.:bigsmiley30:


    never mind. i was lookin in the wrong place in the j and p cycles book. found what i need. its amazing when you dont have kids runnin around you what you can find:small3d026:
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