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    A customer ordered a RB racing 2-1 LSR exhaust system 2 months ago. Attempted to put it on the bike today and tune it, but cannot get the rear wide band sensor into the rear pipe because of clearance. Ive tried everything even removed the pipe again, inst sensor and tried to install w/ no luck. I thought heck with this and just put sniffer up each pipe and tune that way, so i inst the stock O2 sensors into the pipe. Went to tighten everything down and noticed the rear Stock O2 sensor is now rubbing on the trans top cover. Seems to me they welded to bung in the wrong position?? I install pipes all the time but this is my first RB. I thought they had their stuff together but guess not. Im very aggrivated after 2.5 hrs of wrestling this thing around. Wouldnt be so bad if i havnt been waiting for 2 months to get this pipe.:bigsmiley19:

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    That is too bad. LSR are supposed to be known for they quality and for something like this to happen would certainly make me angry. Hopefully they will expedite the remake for you.
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    How did it work out with the pipe?
    Did you talk to R&B racing and did they do anything to fix the problem?

    I'm asking because I'm very interested in getting their LSR2-1 pipe for my 2012 Fat Boy Lo.
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    Good luck. I love my LSR as far as sound and performance, however there customer service (EDIT) . Put mine on fired the bike up for about 1 minute, shut it down and heard and watched the chrome pop off the rear head pipe. Called RB and was told it was the chromers issue not theres. Not saying I wont buy another because of performance, but it will be sent raw and then go to JetHott like the one I run now. Rear O2 sensor is very close to trans lid, but not touching.

    Also removed there tag, welded the holes shut prior to coating. No way was I gonna advertise for them after the fiasco

    Heres a pic of the rear pipe that I sent to RB. As well as after being coated.

    Please read this...
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    I have available for sale a RB Racing LSR Black Hole Part #00-1236, C-Style 1-3/4" Head Pipe. Black ceramic coated with black heat shields. This pipe will fit all dressers from 1999-2007. Brand new in the box, don't wait the 3 months it takes to get this from RB, its ready to go right now. $1260 Firm plus shipping

    Shoot me a PM if interested.
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    I know this is an old thread, but I thought I would ask, how do these work for low rpm torque?

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    i'm just wondering how much H.P. these pipes make to charge that much$$$??
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    As far as performance #'s...can't contribute there, but have seen/heard/read about their poor coating(s) and design flaws. Might be a reputable company in the racing industry, but (IMO)...not quite to standard for normal consumer/average joe...