push button start wiring schematic needed ASAP PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by RAINMAN66, Apr 26, 2010.

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    I have installed a push button start on my starter. Basically tore out all wires. I have all the head lights workin, lighter and dash working. I cannot figure out how to wire the coil and screamin eagle box to get power to the them for the bike to start or shut off. Anyone have a simple wiring diagram i can use to enable this to work? Do I put the wires back, to the little black electrical plug in, that is on top of the celluoid? and if so, where do i wire it to?
    Ridin time is here and I have completely rebuilt this bike, I just have this small problem, please if anyone can help.
    The bike is a 1989 FLT Tourglide. I did away with all the bag lights and turn signals. The ONLY electrical components on this bike are : headlights, brake lights (front and back levers), license plate light, dash lights and lighter, coil, screamin eagle permormance box (not sure if its the ignition module or not) timing, and stator.
    Starter is hooked up directly to the battery. Seems to be a pretty simple wiring schematic to be done. However, I noticed that there is no ground on the coil )not sure if the coil block (where the bolt holes are) is grounded to the support, welded to the frame) and no positive or "HOT" wire gong to the screamin eagle kit and coil. So I know the circuit is broken as far as shutting off the engine and having power to the coil. Can anyone please draw me a schematic to fit this appication?
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    Hey RAINMAN I am currently trying to wire a very similair setup. Where did you run the Cam sensor wires. Mine look like they where at one time connected directly to the coil. Any luck finding a useful diagram.