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    a certain cycle parts seller tried to convince me that an item in the product photo was not included because the caption stated, "Product may vary from photo". Since when does NOT included qualify as "vary". A change in a parts shape or size ok, NOT being supplied is outright deception.
    Part 241-183 of J and P cycles cat. photo shows a foot peg with the mounting plate. No part number for the missing foot peg post is referenced.
    I guess you can advertize a picture of an item and not supply it because items may vary???

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    Often a photo showing part on the bike will show peripheral "stuff" to clarify it's mounting. Footpegs commonly ONLY include the footpeg itself...none of the mounting hardware or the bracket is included, because most of that stuff is H-D part numbered, i.e. the nut, locking washer, bolt and 2 spring steel spacers, which may be had single or in in a kit. BTW they can be had in Chrome or Black with fancy trim...ha-ha what on an H-D does only come "STOCK"!!!
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    They have a decent return policy, package it up and buy from a supplier that's not going to use deceptive verbiage and I would tell them that as the reason for return. Most of the time buying from them is fine, but I've returned products before for being junk and told them so....