** Problem, HD Center Stand Installation 91573-09A **

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by ACLazer, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. ACLazer

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    I installed a 91573-09A Chrome Center Display Stand on my 09 FLHRC last night. Installation wasn't too bad, with a little help from a buddy, and with both of us laying on the ground. The reason I installed it is so that the Bike would stand upright in the garage, and take up less room where I park it. I thought it would help with maintenance too. Harley Davidson says that it does fit stock and lowered suspension 09 and up Touring Bikes, and my 09 Road King Classic is lowered too. It does have adjustable feet, but I can't get them adjusted in low enough so that the stand will operate with one person. In other words the rear tire is too far off the ground, even with the feet adjusted all the way in. The "jam nuts" are down as far as they will go. My buddies neighbor has a Mill in his garage, and he took them home last night and were going to try and mill the jam nuts to about half the size they are now, hoping that the feet will go in even further then they do now.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I did a search and read for an hour and came up empty.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Don't know...maybe your bike's a tad too low for the stand...did the instructions say anything about lowered bikes/specs? Also, if your buddy's neighbor mills the kit you won't be able to return so I'd recommending getting it back (unaltered) and going in to see if you have a faulty stand.

    According to the description - it fits "low profile" suspension which differs from "lowered." For the price you paid (~$300) there are m/c jacks that allow better functionality and maneuverability. I'd recommend that route...JMO
  3. ACLazer

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    Thanks Iceman, but I did purchase it here from another member for a discounted price. It was still new in the box. That may be the problem then, I thought "lowered" and "low profile" were the same :rr , my bad.
  4. D.Bradfield

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    I agree with Iceman, this might not be the stand you want. A Craftsman jack is perfect for doing maint on the bike and it has wheels to be able to roll the bike if you wanted to store it in a corner. If you let it down on the mechanical stops it woul be fine to leave on the jack for a while. JMO
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    I had the wheel dock center stand on my Ultra for some time liked the convenience in the garage, but it dragged to often for me. They can make a stand that will fit any height, and it is easy to get up, and it is a ride off version. Now I have Harbor Freight wheel chock made for use in the garage. Better for me, just drive in and step off.