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    Upright as when at the correct level if on the side stand if you take the derby cover off the oil will spill out

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    Be sure to refill with 38 o.z. for proper fill. Thats the easiest way to know primary is properly filled....
  3. Put the bike on the sidestand. Fluid warm.
    Drain the old fluid from the bolt under the Derby Cover.
    When the fluid stops draining tilt bike straight up for a minute to get any fluid sitting in the corners.
    Check the O ring and replace if needed, then apply a little permatex sealer on threads and screw in the plug to proper torque.
    Remove the 5 screws from the Derby Cover and fill the primary with 38 US oz of your choice of fluid. (I use Formula Plus or Spectro)
    I fill it with a funnel that has a 15" piece of clear tube on the end and pinch the end of the hose in the bottom of the opening that has a bit of a larger opening.
    Check the gasket on the cover and replace if needed.
    Re install the 5 screws by hand starting them then tighten in sequence as shown in book- 12, 7, 5, 10 and 2 o'clock to proper torque.
    If you put 38 oz in while on the jiffy stand it shouldn't leak out, you'll just see the fluid under the opening .
    Good luck.
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    My 08 uses T27 torx bit, some guys try to get by with a T25 and then strip the points off the inner sides of the bolt head sockets. Then a 25 won't turn the bolts and a 27 will no longer fit. Check for a snug fit before applying pressure.
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    I hear a clanking noise coming from the primary case when I quickly throtle up then down. It sounds like the primary chain but was told it is the compesator. Is is possible the chain adjuster is not working? How can I test this without removing the cover?