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    I have owned and used GPS's in years past but have had them from time to time lead you wrong. I have used the arm band like used by football players for sometime now. I usually use Google maps and pick out my route for what looks to be good roads and just write down my turns and road numbers or names. I then can just glance at it and know where my turns, gas stops etc are. Have used this for trips for multiple day trips and just change pages for each. Save old sheets for times I may want to ride a previous great ride again with friends. Just type them up in notepad or word once written down and it really does work very good. Just wanted to share for anyone that wants to make keeping on routes a easy a good way to travel or ride routes picked from a map.

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  2. Breeze3at

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    I have a real GPS, but it's a pain to pgm. every obscure road I want into it. I print out a sheet like yours and tape it to my windshield. The GPS is just to show mileage to gas,food,and motel. I've also ridden almost the exact route you show.
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    I like it. Thanks for sharing. Never used a GPS (actually used it), probably never will. Always have had something similar to this or what Pete has done if needed.
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    If you use GPS, you got to be smarter than the GPS. We drove for 2 years on a road that didn't show on GPS. heck it was one of the main roads in Sierra Vista AZ. A couple in Oregon took a road on their GPS to go home and it went no where. They stayed lost for 2 days. The real GPS is fondly know as a map. lol. If you have a smart phone, try WAZE. its a great GPS app. Cops don't like it, but you will. y'all have a great day.
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    GPS mapping needs updated regularly to keep up with new roads.
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    I'm curious as to why the cops don't like it. Does it show known areas where radar is being used or something similar?
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    Yes. When other folks who use WAZE pass a cop, they press a button in the app and it adds it to the map for a certain amount of time to alert other users.

    And, fwiw, always have a paper map in your bags just in case you need it.
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    I don't have a windshield so I put a piece of clear contact paper on my tank and write the directions on it with a grease pencil. I can then just peel the contact paper off.

    If needed I've just tossed some ear buds in and the "mini robot" (smart phone) tells me where to turn and if I want to take a specific route, it will just redirect.

    I like Waze too, if you have a preferred route other than what it recommends, it will begin to learn that for you when you take that route.
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    I use a gps for detailed addresses and at times use the gps if it is a complicated route through an area I am not familiar with used gps on Thursday to get through Belgium and Holland to get to ferry terminal however I did check the paper map to see which way it was taking us and it was very good exactly the route I would have chosen myself with at least 6 motorway changes and getting around the Antwerpen ring without error got the 200 miles done in less than 4 hours and that was with 2 fuel stops (started empty)

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    Nothing wrong with that idea, I still use a map and compass.