Pls help me decide on my SEAT for 09 FXDC

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by shrini23, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. shrini23

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    Hi guys.
    I own a 2009 FXDC. I've a stock seat for now and I've done a bit of riding on it.
    I'm 6'2" tall and have somewhat long legs, I were 36" inseam.I want more leg room to strectch my leg so I decided that even the harley forward foot pegs werent sufficient for me,so I went for a kurakyn extended foot controls.(this kurakyn is almost a inch longer than the HD forward foot control) but I still feel that I want an additional leg room.

    I've been lookin at the HD site and there was one seat "Tallboy" which seems to push the rider back a inch or 2.
    I read thru couple of other forums and everyone is agreeing that "Tallboy" seat is really ugly on a bike. Pls help me decide on my seat. Has anyone have a tallboy seat on their bike, if so can you pls post the pic and can you pls tell me if that looks good or not?

    should I go for a
    "tallboy" - Seat width 16"; passenger pillion width 12"
    "sundowner" - Seat width: 16.0"; passenger pillion width: 12.0"
    "Touring" - Seat width 15.0"; passenger pillion width 12.0"
    "pillow look" - Seat width 12"; passenger pillion width 10".

    I do have a medium backrest in my bike and I ride 2 up once a week with my wife...
    Mostly I'm dabbling between a "tallboy" or a"sundowner" or "touring" bcoz the seat width or almost identical. I also go for longride once in a while, so I dont want to lose the comfort.

    so pls guys help me with your input for my new seat
  2. Dynacologist

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    I have the "Sundowner" and can ride all day long.Does set you up a couple inches and back a bit to help you and your situation.this will stay on the bike forever,Dave...
  3. SilverFoXD

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    Have a Sundowner on my Dyna and I'm very pleased. Been from AZ to MA and AZ to CO twice without discomfort. Might be too short for you (I'm 5'9") as the seat does lock you to a specific position but it fits me fine.

  4. Flywheel

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    Corbin two up with back rests. 44,000 miles on mine in 3 years. Very firm but after break in (approx. 1000 mi.) very very good.
  5. jmpancoast

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    You can spend lots of money buying seats sight unseen trying to guess which one will both fit and be comfortable.

    There is a company, who for a fraction of the cost of a new seat, will take you current seat and can make it fit and more comfortable. Please feel free to e-mail me [removed] if you would like some contact info.

    This is not an ad. Just info from someone who has heard a lot of positive things about a service.

    For your protection, do NOT post email address, use our system instead.
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  6. dhellyer

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    I am 6'4" tall and I have a CC fastback seat with Kurakyn 3" extentions on my forward controls. CC seat sets me down 1" and back 2". This is the perfect setup for me.

  7. shrini23

    shrini23 Member

    sorry for my ignorance but may I know what the "CC" stands for and also what is the passenger seat width
  8. garlab1

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    Lepera will send you any of their seats uncovered, you can put it on your bike and take it for a ride, if ya don't like it send it back, you pay the shipping.

    still beats spending bunch of money on a seat that you don't like, call them and tell them what your looking for, the're really good to work with, all kinds of options to fit your needs, they will even add or delete padding if you want.
  9. mopar

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    It doesn't look bad when the sissy bar and pad are installed also. It does help alot.
  10. dhellyer

    dhellyer Member

    Google C&C seats. They have a few different options. The fastback is not for passengers. The passenger pad is narrow and not recomended for distance. I also have a sundowner solo with passenger pad. My wife loves it but I'm not to fond of the way it looks. That said, it is a good comfortable seat that i can easily do 300 mile days on.