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  1. BuffaloBill

    BuffaloBill Active Member

    Not sure if this is the correct venue
    Please every one be care full.

    Hello.... A new type of drug
    POLICE WARNING.......................

    Police Warning (Send to Everyone)

    I'm passing this along! People are R E A L L Y crazy! If you are female,
    take heed! If you are male and have a significant female in your
    life who you care about, whether it's your wife, your girlfriend, your
    daughter, your sister, your niece, your cousin, your next door neighbor;
    whomever..............pass this along! Always, "Better safe than sorry!"

    A man came over and offered his services as a painter to a female putting
    gas in her car and left his card. She said no, but accepted his card out of
    kindness and got in the car. The man then got into a car driven by another
    gentleman. As the lady left the service station, she saw the men following her
    out of the station at the same time. Almost immediately, she started to feel
    dizzy and could not catch her breath. She tried to open the window and realized
    that the odor was on her hand; the same hand which accepted the card from the
    gentleman at the gas station.
    She then noticed the men were immediately behind her and she felt she
    needed to do something at that moment. She drove into the first driveway and
    began to honk her horn repeatedly to ask for help. The men drove away but the
    lady still felt pretty bad for several minutes after she could finally catch her
    breath. Apparently, there was a substance on the card that could have seriously
    injured her.
    This drug is called 'BURUNDANGA' and it is used by people who wish to
    incapacitate a victim in order to steal from or take advantage of them. This
    drug is four times dangerous than the date rape drug and is transferable on
    simple cards. So take heed and make sure you don't accept cards at any given
    time you are alone or from someone on the streets. This applies to those making
    house calls and slipping you a card when they offer their services.


    Sgt. Gregory L. Joyner
    Internal Affairs Unit
    Louisville Metro Department of Corrections
    400 South 6th Street
    Louisville , Ky 40202
    Office: (502) 574-7213 (502) 574-7213

    Not checked by Urban Legends Reference Pages
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  2. sharpscuba

    sharpscuba Banned

    The world is becoming a sick and scary place to be.
  3. sanec1

    sanec1 Active Member

    I've seen this one before too.... Doesn't ring true IMHO
  4. Breeze3at

    Breeze3at Well-Known Member

    I just checked several sites and it's an urban legand. The amount absorbed transdermally by touching a card is too minute to have an effect. It's also used to prevent motion sickness and maybe effective for aiding nicotine withdrawal.
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