Planning a Ride to Memphis TN.

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by 09GLDR, Mar 26, 2009.

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    Hey All! Got about 10 or so going to Memphis for a weekend ride in May. Its only about 300 miles away from where we live, anybody have any suggestions on scenic roads or places of interest that would add to a bike trip? Thanks for any input!
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    goto Elvis land beal street down town ALIAS mc have there annual blast check harley shop in hornlake ms just out side memphis wed bike nite all over the city epeppy@bellsouth .net iwill send a list of whats going on
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    I would like to make that Trip to Memphis, I would need to find out some Dates, I will contact you at your E-mail Address.
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    0 is a cool resource and is another good site if your looking for oddball sites.

    Check out or for your area roads.

    Gonna take off next week from MN.myself and follow the river thru Memphis down into Louisiana with no schedule or particular destination other than south.Give us a wave,we'll be on the backroads.

    The site won't allow me to post links yet.Sorry

    Ride safe and have fun. Dennis