Pinhole leak in rear tire.

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by turnerbend, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. turnerbend

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    Today while checking cycle after yesterdays' ride, found what look like a pin in middle of rear tire. Sprayed with water , no leak. Through the object was not in the tire deep enough to cause leak. Pulled the object out which turn out to be a small wire less than the size of a pin and now it have a real slow leak. The tire have about 65 to 75% wear left. Would it be OK to put a sealant such as "Ride on or other in for repair????
  2. fin_676

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    I would perhaps use a tyre sealant to get myself out of being stuck at the side of the road not as a permanent repair
    If it were on one of my bikes i would replace the tyre

  3. xcavater

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    Cover the entire wheel with a soapy solution, spray nine, simple green, whatever. Wait 10 minutes and check. A tire plug will get you home, may last forever.
    The tire can be repaired from the inside permanently but since you have to remove the tire to repair, it makes sense to just replace with a new.
  4. hobo55

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    I would replace it if it were mine. A patch on the inside would probably last but as xcavater said, as long as it's off you may as well replace it. You're only riding on two wheels and you don't want to risk losing half of them.