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    The wife and I just got back from a wonderful 3-day trip through parts of central Oregon. We flew up to Portland, rented bikes, and toured with our closest friends. Our travels included Mount Hood and Timberline Lodge, down to Redmond, over to the Lava Fields and McKenzie Pass, Batchelor Mountain, Santiam Pass, Bend, and Detroit Lake. Awesome scenery, and definitely cooler than the 105+ temps we've been having here in Texas.

    McKenzie Pass, it turns out, is not for the "faint of heart". Many blind curves, 180-degree curves, and gravel in many of the turns. What a rush! And, the Lava Fields were absolutely amazing.

    The Harley dealers in Oregon are apparently getting out of the rental business, but we found a small operation called Oregon Motorcycle Rentals just outside Oregon City that was excellent to work with. The owners were very helpful with tips on routes to take, provided bikes in great condition, and were very friendly. We would definitely rent from them in the future if the opportunity presents itself.

    If you're in the Redmond, OR area, I would recommend stopping in at "Three Creeks" for a bite to eat.
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    Glad to hear you had a great trip. Did you happen to run into Bubbie in your travels? When I last talked to him he was also touring central Oregon.
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    I might have to rent a bike in Portland also, as I'll be there in October to re-do all the windows in my daughters 80 yr. old "new" house. What kind of bikes did they rent you? Is there a helmet law in Oregon? What did it cost you? And yes, this 105-107* heat in Dallas is getting old real fast. I'm just down the road from you in Grapevine. :cheers
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    Glad you had a great trip.:cheers Some real beautiful country to ride in.:small3d018:
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    Hey neighbor! Unfortunately, they only rent June through September due to the weather. The dealers in Oregon that still rent also stop rentals at the end of September. :(

    I rented an Electra Glide Classic, and my wife rented a Heritage. You can check them out at www.oregonmotorcyclerentals.com.
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    My wife's parents live in Happy Valley, not far from Portland. I visited them a couple of years ago in late October. It is a very beautiful state. There is covered bridge not far from her parents' house. The roads and scenery are first rate. Would love to ride a bike there. Glad you had a good time.

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    Stealing your Thread to post,,,,, Oregon Trip

    I Looked for YOU and Asked many bikers IF they were members of OR knew HDT.com but Found None.....
    Sorry I didn't run into members out on the ride but I tried. MAYBE dropped a HINT to many to go Look and Join our forum,,,,, we'll see..

    I put on 2,013. miles of Pure Joy...Friday thru friday and Not long enough.

    Not a drop of rain..
    Coos Bay Oregon, Foggy early mornings, that was the only spot I needed MORE clothes that I brought.. Once the sun burned thru it was warmer than I needed...

    I took a few pictures of a ride from Klamath Falls going to the Coast Hgy 101.. I will attempt to post them later.

    Area called "Bear Camp Road" Mostly Broken Paved with several wash outs of gravel for a 100 feet or so.. 3 different ways to connect to the most traveled...but I chose the Least traveled one (not smart)... Only one other NUT was out where I was and he had a GPS in his 4 wheel...

    I mean Back Roads and half sunken grades on the outside road edges and Careful needed to ride it..
    Spots of the 8' wide blacktop detour on one of the "Bridge Washed Out" and side road taken (10 miles), on one 8 foot wide section, yes blacktop, it had a sign up that said,, "" Pavement Narrows"" ... No logging trucks here. Switch-backs up 4800 feet and Down the same to the coast.

    Like others said Oregon Is Beautiful and a great ride thru all from the coast to central and over to the east, Just can't be beat this time of year.. I did travel Most of it...

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    Sounds like a fun trip TXMikey. Glad you had a great time. It would also be more fun for the rest of us if you posted a few pics.
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    Yes add pics. Been a while since i been to old coos by the bay. It was the blackberry festival of 1994. try the seven devils road just south of there is a nice ride and there is a elk preserve not far from there. beautiful animals they are.
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