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    I have not ridden my bike for a while. When I went to start it I pulled out the choke and the bike started fine. Once it had warmed up sufficiently I pushed the choke in and the bike dies. I choked it again and it started, I can push the choke in part way and try and throttle, but the bike sputters and still dies when I push the choke in all the way. I pulled off the tank and drained all the gas, but still have the same problem. Any suggestions?
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    Possible intake leak or low speed / idle circuit clogged in carb.
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    Try some Seafoam in tank..
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    Check for an intake leak as suggested above. See here:

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    If it sat long enough, you may have trash/varnish in the carb. Suggest you drop the float bowl and clean that out. Pull the jets and clean them. Chase all the circuits with carb spray through the little red tube.

    Take the accelerator pump apart and clean it out. Inspect the diaphram to make sure it is OK. Chase the port with carb spray.

    Uncover the idle-air adjustment needle head if not already done, and remove it. Chase the port with carb spray. Replace the needle, carefully screwing it all the way in until it lightly seats. Then back out 2 1/2 turns.

    Reassemble everything.

    Pull the fuel hose off the carb and replace the hose (car part store). Before putting the new hose back on the carb, stick the end in a clear jar and open the petcock (if a vacuum operated one, you will have to apply suction on the vacuum hose). Drain about a cup of gas from the tank and inspect it for debrix or water. If necessary, clean the tank again.

    Start the engine and warm it up until the valve covers are warm to the touch. Increase the rpm to around 1,200rpm and lock the throttle there. Adjust the idle-air mixture needle until you get maximum rpm, then back off about 1/4 turn. If adjusting the needle out makes no difference, the slow jet is too large. If you can adjust the needle all the way in to the seat with no difference, the slow jet is too small.

    Let us know what you find.

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    I'm with TQ on the carb being the problem. When a motor sits un started for a period of time , the jet is sitting in a puddle of fuel as it evaporates and when it reached the bottom of the float bowl, the bit of fuel that is left in the bottom will varnish up the jet and what will happen is what you describe.

    It runs on the choke but not when the choke is pushed in. The choke circuit is a separate feed than the other jets and that's why it is doing that.

    You're going to have to drop the float bowl and clean out the jets.

    Harley Davidson Community

    Harley Davidson Community
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    I am with TQ and Glider here the carb is the problem area so perhaps strip and clean the carb but may be worth replacing the slow jet


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    Gasoline is BAD Enough when it is fresh...:lolrolling

    a can of cheap carb spray can do wonders inside the carb when apart...

    I always replace the 4 Phillips Screws with allen headed screws 5/8 inch long... The Phillips Heads always Strip when i use them...
    I never have to pull off stuff to get to the 4 allen heads at the float bowl while ON the bike... I don't take off my carb at all that way.. Just drop the bowl.

    Careful with the accelerator pump arm and rubber cover, Easy to leave it off Or arm hanging out when putting it back together... This is the Plunger that pushes and squirts raw gas directly into the carb venture

    When back together, Make sure it squirts a full steady stream of fuel centered directly into the carb when you twist the throttle fully...

    The choke as some call it is actually an Enricher circuit not a true choke... ADDS gas not stifles air to suck more gas....... I do notice HD mostly calls it a Enricher than I ask you? WHY do some have choke written on the pull knob..??:lolrolling

    Go Figure...

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    I had this issue once. The petcock was selecting an empty tank, but it would still idle on choke. Took me a while to figure out.
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    If it sat for a while the carb will be gummed up TQ has the right idea drop the bowl and clean it out.