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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by ken391, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Hi, ken here just got my 1st.fatbot -2003 -need help on oil changes -what does all 3 holes mean?(oil related )what is primary?engine I know --what is other?I have no records on bike main.so Iam going to change oil to all syn.oils-can I use same oil in all 3 -?I have 4000 miles on bike now my otrher bikes are hondas and oil change was simple -1 oil -1 hole,-do I have to replace oil in engine -tranny and clutch-you can tell Iam confused waiting for my manuals from hd dealer before I get started-is mobile 1 v twin 20w-50right for engine?tranny,etc.-sorry for all the ?s-Icant wait to get started -thanks Ken -maryland usa
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    Hi, ken here:D

    There are many topics in the self help area that will give you more than just a headache reading.:s

    There's engine oil, trans oil and primary oil. (3 holes)
    Use of a synthetic is advised in all but the primary. A gear lube like spectro platinum or redline shockproof heavy is a good choice for the trans.
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    depends on what ya can get local is what i go with . Mobile 1 20w 50 vtwin engine ... spectro primary .. and spectro 6 speed in my Rkc