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    I've done a oil change on my FLSTC 08, put AIMSOIL syntetic 20W50. I drain it completely, maint book say 3 quarts, when I check the level, it's a little bit over the max line on the dip stick, I have the HD one with the temp gauge on it, any advise anyone???
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    On my softail I always stand the bike straight up when I drain the oil and then tip it a little to the right for a couple minutes when it's mostly done draining. The drain plug is on the high side of the oil tank when the bikes sitting on the kickstand.
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    Most importantly on softails is to run the bike in the upright position for a minute or two just prior to draining to purge the engine sump. Always add a bit less than suggested and top off as necessary because you never get a full drain of the recommended oil quantity because there is oil left in the oil galleries of the engine.

    You may want to try this.

    Complete Oil Change (softail) - Harley Davidson Community
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    In addition to the above, remember that if you changed the filter and it is "dry", the oil in the tank will be higher before you run the bike then after. This is because the filter will hold around a pint or so of oil once you have run the bike for a couple of minutes. But as indicated above. It is a good idea to run the bike for a few minutes just before you drain the oil as Glider suggests. And measure how much you drain out, and start by refilling THAT amount of oil as Smitty says. Once you have run the bike to operating temp after refill, you can top up with a bit more fresh oil to the full mark on the stick.

    Since you mentioned that you have one of the temp showing dip sticks, compare that to the original to make sure that the oil level marks line up the same.

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    On my 08 Heritage I also have the dip stick with the temp gauge but don't trust it when checking my oil. I check it warm with the stock one.
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    sorry every1, if out of topic, tried to search for dynas, only found here in softails room.

    i have '05 fxdx, recently changed to syn lucas 20w50 (b4 was hd sae50), but didnt change the oil filter. bike ran 1hr prior to oil change, was on jiffy stand when old oil drained out. my regular (non dealer) hd mechanic only poured 2 bottles (qtz) then i got curious coz i know its supposed to be 3qtz. he said the oil level on the dipstick was at enough level.
    this afternoon went to hd shop,mechanics there said should be 3qtz...
    which 1 is rite?

    thanks! :newsmile090:
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    Hd motorcycles use a dry sump system oil level should be checked when the engine is warmed up
    the correct oil level is half way between full and empty mark on the dipstick
    when a dry sump system is cold you should check for a presence of oil prior to starting then check correct oil level when hot
    when draining the oil the engine and oil should be hot (runs out much quicker and takes most of the contaminants with it)

  8. glider

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    3 qts in the dynas.
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    I took a different approach.

    With the engine cold and the bike on the jiffy stand I checked the level of the oil on the dip stick, then drained the oil and changed the filter with one presoaked in clean oil.

    The level on the dip stick was 1/16" above the cold mark.
    I filled her up will new oil to the cold mark and fired her up. After 2-3 minutes, I shut the bike down, rechecked the level and topped off the oil to the cold mark and went for a ride. Did one more check to make sure the level did not exceed the hot level mark .

    No more guessing on level or tyring to balance the bike while checking the level.
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    when you change the oil typically it'l be a wet change, and you have to compensate for the "left over" amount of oil in the bike. the manual calls for 2.5 qts using the wet change method, and 3 if a dry change. hope this helps. as long as your not blowing smoke out the exhaust, the little extra in there should decrease with time.