Oil Leaks on Twin Cam 96 engines

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Sponge Boy, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Sponge Boy

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    I have a new 08 FXD and am approaching the first service.
    I have slight oil seepage from the front end of the cam cover.
    I also have slight oil seepage from the bottom of the little oil filler die casting which is bolted to the RHS of the engine. This is the casting that the oil filler cap screws onto.

    This is a bit disappointing; I had a Kawasaki Vulcan for 8 years (27,000 km) and not one drop of oil leaked out of that bike.

    I thought oil leakes on Harleys were a thing of the past.

    Has anyone else experienced such leaks ?
    If so, what were the causes ?
  2. tlyoungb

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    Glider would be the person to answer this question or Smitty901. These are the two experts here.
  3. Sponge Boy

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    I welcome the experts to answer but I would prefer to hear from any riders that have experienced oil leaks with late model engines.
  4. STEVE07

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    My 07 is clean and dry,never had any leaks,so far anyway.:s
  5. TQuentin1

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    As Hobbit said, if your leaks are from the mating surfaces where there are gaskets or o-ring seals, point ALL those out at your next service interval if you are taking it into the Dealership to have the work done. Make sure they itemize ALL of the points and ask them to give you back the bike with no oil leaks.

    If you are doing the work yourself (service), then take the bike in only for the leaks and do as above. When you get the bike back and do the service, go over the bike with a torque wrench (see Torque Wrench Suggestions - Harley Davidson Community) and make sure all fasteners on the mating surfaces are within the spec range. These vibrators are hard on fasteners, and making sure things stay tight is par for the course.

  6. twicecam

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    Don't run the engine hard until it is warmed up completly, if you twist on the throttle too hard while the engine is cold you will get that oil seepage, happened to me around the oil filter once. I started the engine up cold in the garage and reeved it up pretty high and I had oil seepage around the oil filter. Just my 2 cents:D
  7. Flashback

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    my 08 had about 15,000 on it now and never leaked a drop.
  8. flh canuck

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    Your Harley Davidson motorcycle shouldn't be leaking a drop as these new machines are usually pretty trouble free with the modern gaskets/sealants used these days.

    Sometimes you will get a little "sweating" from around the gasket areas on a new engine. This is normal and is especially visible on an engine with the black finish.

    Clean it off with some brake clean and if it returns again, take it back to the dealer and get it fixed under warranty.
  9. encorebilly

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    No leaks or seepage on 07 lowrider with 24,000 miles.