Oil flowing from air filter

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Colorider, Jun 13, 2010.

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    HELP oil leak on 1991 FXSTS


    I have a 1991 FXSTS, jetted for Colorado, fitted with a K&N air filter and after market pipes other than that it’s a stock bike with 38,000 miles. My problem is on 2 separate occasions I’ve experienced oil flowing out of the air cleaner housing onto the ground.

    The first time was 2 years ago, during a ride, the bike was warmed up, but we had stopped for a 15 min, restarted it to leave and it happened. I shut down the bike, cleaned up the oil restarted it and no further problem.

    2nd time was last week, Started up a cold bike and after 1 min. oil started to flow out of the air cleaner. I shut it down, cleaned up the oil and filter restarted it and it was fine.
    I realize the oil is coming from the oil breather tube in the air filter, so my question is what is causing the oil to come out of the tube and what is the fix?
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    Oil overfilled or a problem with the oil pump or keyway in the pump drive are usually the cause.
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    My money and meatballs are on over full on oil:p
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    Could be that the umbrella valves need replacing especially as your bike is getting older