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  1. luvcash217

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    do u need it i live in south alabama and it gets really hot down here 100 dregees most of the time and average temp is 95 plus i was thinking about an oil filter cooler instead of and oil cooler and thoughts which one will cool it best or can i get away with the oil filter cooler:newsmile093:
  2. Mavagrand

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    Welcome to the forum. Do a search for oil coolers..you'll get plenty of responses. Boils down to individual preference. I suppose the oil filter cooler may do a little but probably not too much.
  3. 90FXRS

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    Welcome to the forum. If you're talking about the "cool collar".........snake oil in my opinion. I have the HD premium oil cooler on the '01 Fatboy. I was out a couple of weekends ago in 95 degree heat and humid as can be. The oil temp in the tank was running about 200 degrees.
  4. eleft36

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    I have one.

    Harley's have survived without them before coolers were available.
    It's like insurance, good to have just just in-case.


  5. R_W_B

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    We've all been where you are right now deciding to or not. I think some folks have actually monitored the heat difference, but I don't have a oil temp gauge so I would not know. ( I do have an oil cooler though ).

    Whether you buy and oil cooler or not, make sure you run a fully synthetic oil (not a blended one) since tests have shown the it does lower your oil temps. If memory serves me the average was about 16 degrees cooler.
  6. Merlynn

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    Finally ordered an HD oil cooler for my 09 Ultra. Came close to ordering an ultra cool oil cooler. What swayed me was listening to all the well informed opinions on this site. Am already running stage 1 with SERT and Mobil 1 synthetic. Have decided an oil cooler will help with faster temp recovery after I get out of traffic jams and anything more complicated is just overkill for this well built engine.