Oil Cooler Recommendations

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by franka, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. franka

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    Looking for suggestions on what brand oil cooler to install on my 07 Road King. I live in the Pacific Northwest, run Mobil1, ride in traffic and country roads. Oil temp in summer months is running between 260 - 280, would like to reduce that.
  2. vonh

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    Check out a jagg oil cooler from j&p cycle.
  3. Bodeen

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    It really comes down to a Jagg or an HD model. When you look at what you get for your money. The HD complete package offers up a pretty good product. I havent heard anybody complain about either one. Both good products IMO. Either way I dont think you can go wrong.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    I found the 6 row Jagg (top of the line) fit on my left down tubes and is the perfect place for the cooler.Totally out of the way BUT gets all the cooling CLEAN air needed...

    I like it as it is made to fit there and looks great. Another thing, IT Is out of the Dirt and away from the bottom back of the tire...

    The HD one that fits low and Can get filled with road dirt and damages easier from rocks kicked up by the tire.

    I used a Jagg 6 row on my Dyna up in Washington and IT was in great shape when the bike was sold, mounted the same on the left down-tubes... Saved a little money on that one and installed a manual turn knob to off and on the unit,,,,Instead of the 160$ thermo control...... Finding up in Wa. like you,,,, Only needed for three months out of the season. I could turn the knob WHEN needed up there. Off in the early morning and on in the noon and on times. A little to get used to But worked out fine. I DO prefer the auto-thermo-unit I have now. I do have a NEW never been used Manual Control Valve for the jagg and would make you a good price (30$) IF you want it.... PM me IF you want information.

    On my 09 King, Jagg 6 row does the job. I have the thermo unit and up where you are in Wa. it would come on only when needed. Here in Az. it seems to be working all the time.:D

    I prefer the Jagg as it is best in MY opinion...The more costly, premium unit matches the cylinders and Looks best...

    Not Cheap but a one time purchase.:D

  5. dolt

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    Agree on Jagg but suggest the 10 row low mount. I have run one on two bikes for thousands of miles with no issues. Get the anti-rotation piece and follow instructions closely to avoid do overs. The manual bypass is $69.95 and the thermostatically controlled bypass is $89.95. If your oil temp hits 195* during the cool months, you don't need either. JMHO.

    Might pay a bit more for Jagg but you do get what you pay for. Furthermore, if you have any issues, Jagg stands behind their products 100%.
  6. kstrohs57

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    If you install the H.D. oil cooler in front of the voltage regulator on H.D. touring it does cut down on the ventilation & overall life for the voltage regulator . I installed a new voltage reg. from Cycle Electric out of Brookville , Ohio few months back & there was a warning inclosed on mounting the oil cooler in front of their voltage reg. . I have had no problems but I would look into the Jagg that has different mounting .
  7. NiteOwl

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    I run the UltraCool good support, dual fan, seemed to work fine this summer running at 85 90 mph and slow speeds running up and around Yellowstone.
  8. mc2

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    I have an HD cooler on my Fat Boy.
    Loaded for the road, I rode, more than once, through the heaviest traffic I ever encountered in the highest temperatures. Not one time did I hear a ping or sense an issue other than fried thighs.
    Across Vietnam