Oil coming from my air filter

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by thedommyLlama, Jul 4, 2009.

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    I hope someone can give me an answer on this. I got home from a 300 mile ride today and there was oil coming from my air filter. I took it off and there is engine oil sitting in there. I know the oil is not over filled and it is engine oil. Is this blow by? This has happened about 4 times this year. Could the rings be bad on an 07 with 14500 miles on it? The crazy thing is that the oil level in the bike is not low. I check it every time I ride.
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    I'm sure that many can give you a perfect explanation as to why but I think it's the scavenging that might not keep up correctly. I had this "problem" with both my Sporty and Dyna to some extend and found that it only happened when the weather got really warm or on longer trips where the engine warmed up nicely.
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    Here are the most common reasons.
    1. Oil level to high
    2. breathers in rocker boxes malfunctioning
    3. oil pump not scavenging properly either from being out of alignment or gone bad.