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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by kt23287, May 27, 2011.

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    I was getting ready last week to drill and tap my SE backplate for some brass fittings I could run the blow by to the ground. I decided to buy a new backplate to tap so I had it on to mark it and put new O-rings on both sides, and decided to leave the new one on and see what happened. So its been about a hndred miles and no drips so far.......I was running a little low on the crank oil, about three X marks from the top which I think each X might equal a half a quart or so but since I have an DH oil cooler it might be a little less. I wonder now (she has dripped for about a year or so now, since the motor upgrade from the stocker to 103) if it could just be the luck of the draw on the machine work on the backplate. Those O rings didn't seem to be standing very high on the original. Its hard to tell by eye. It usually takes a few days to accumulate enough blow by to drip and since I was low on oil I added about a quarter quart this morning to sneak up on full or until it starts again.......anyway just a thought about if the machine work recesses migh part of the problem with the blow by,or at least part of my problem anyway
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    KT, thanks for the update. I have been following all these posts on blow by for I have the same problem on my 09 ultra, only it was happening on my 96" and I upgraded to a 103" with 255 cams for a great price at the dealer but I still have the same problem. Now I am wondering if the backing plate might be my problem also. The dealer put my Stage 1 on when I had the 96" I am not exactly sure how the plate mounts. It looks like it is just two bolts. Is that all there is to it or is there a gasket or anything else behind the plate I need to be concerned about if I take that off and look at the o-rings? And what is the torque spec for those bolts? Thanks.