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    Recently while changing pipes and tuning a 2013 FLHTC I was installing Vance and Hines power duals while using the Power Commander module, the pipes come with 12mmO2 sensors while the Power Commander comes with the 18mm O2 sensors. Am I missing something both Vand H and Power Commander are the correct units manufactured for my bike. Any help or suggestions? Thank you.
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    Perhaps the sensors shipped with the PC are for your bike in stock condition. I'd call them and make sure they understand you have the V&H Power Duals and not the stock headers and see if they could send you the correct size sensors.
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    There is a reason for the difference in size. One is an "open loop" and the other is a "closed loop" system. The length of the sensor is also different, so an adapter will hold the sensor too far away from the exhaust flow.
    Google "12mm o2 sensor vs 18mm o2 sensors", you will get better explanations than I am able to type. 12mm bungs are the newer size.
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    Don't know if I have the same set up, but I have a 2010 FLHTK w/power duals, V&H Hi-output slip on's and a PCV. I plugged the sensors at the pipes (actually Harley did it), and the sensors are not in use. The bike runs great.