Northwest Arkansas in Late October

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    We will be going to the Ozarks the last week of October if nothing gets in our way. I CAN'T WAIT! It's supposed to be peak foliage color. Our plan is to make it to Hot Springs the first day. Next day is spent going up hwy. 7 with a detour over to Magazine Mt. and then back to 7 on up to Harrison where we will spend the next 3 nights. We have a day trip from there up to Peel where we'll ferry across and head up into Mo. over to Branson and back down. Next day we will go back down to Jasper and over to Boxley and back up 23 to Eureka Springs and then back to Harrison. Next day we will head home by way of Conway, Little Rock, Pine Bluff (boo hoo!!! Don't want to come home:( ) Anybody have any places they recommend for grabbing a bite? I've heard about the Cliff House Inn in Jasper.
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    Hey Flipper --- If you can, bypass Branson - overpriced , overrated, congested tourist trap!!! Run up to Springfield and eat at Hemingways upstairs at the Bass Pro shop. The rest of your trip looks great!!!
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    On your way north detour over to Oark, Arkansas for a hamburger & chocolate pie. Its the Oark country store, we go every year when were in the area, awesome riding. Just Google it for directions. Then on your way toward Springville stop at Lamsons (home of the throwed roll) it is right near the "Bass Tracker" boat place. While at Mt Magazine eat at the lodge in the park. Dont forget to go up to Mt Petijean also.
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    Hello Flipper, Love that part of Ark. on your way up to Mag.Mt and Hwy 7 DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT miss going up Mt. Nebo, Thats Mt. Nebo not far from Mag. Mt. just outside Dardnalle Ark. it's on the map..Its is the best road, the steapest, curvey ,switchback road maybe in the USA..This road is only about 5 miles long ,to the top Mt. Nebo. Only one way up and one way down. Yes it's paved ,and also there is a state park up there to. This road is NOT ,I repeat NOT for a will need 1st gear and your clutch going up.You will love it.. and your buddys won't belive you found such a cool road.. and while your close by go on into Russllville and eat at Fetner's Origanal What-A- Burger ,A famous hambuger joint..ask anybody they can tell you where to find it...Going up there the 2nd week of Oct. myself..let me know how you like it.. Craig, Lake Fork, Texas..........P.S. Petti Jean is great too...
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    Thanks for all this great info! As far as Branson, last time we were there was on our honeymoon 25 years ago. We mostly just wanted to see how it had changed. Isn't there a H-D dealership there?....... And as for Mt Nebo, we might just wait until the next trip to ARK to do that one. I am sort of a beginner (been riding since June of '09 and have a bit over 7000 miles on my bike) and I've heard that you tend to scrape your footboards on that road. I definitely want to make that trek in the future though.
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    My wife and I along with a friend or two are also headed that way in a couple of week from North Texas area. Look forward to the ride Any info in places to see would be great thanks jim
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    A popular ride for the area is highway 23 from Ozark, AR to Eureka Springs, also known as the Pigtrail. From Eureka Springs you can take 62 to Rogers, to Pigtrail HD. Many nice rides in the area.
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    Hey flipper,

    Sounds like a nice ride. If you pass through Hardy or Mamouth Springs don't blink, but wave to my bud Todd. Spent some time last year riding together.
    Ya'll have fun.