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    I have a 2008 heritage i replace the tssm with a stock tsm and then married them, after this the bike ran great ,shut if off plug in a charge 1.5 amp untill next day whent to start the bike turns over but will not run ,has spark,fuel pump comes on all fuses are good and replaced check engine light or security light light, but i did see on the odomenter( r low) but thats it.sray starting fluid in the injector it will run.
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    Pugshaw, First, welcome to the best site on the net bar none! I ain't no mechanic (several members here will attest to that), but had a similar problem with my past ride, 06 Road King. My shop spent hours trying to figure it out, and I payed to have them to in a big way. Anyway, after trying EVERYTHING under the sun, they discovered it was only getting fuel intermittently. Problem was the fuel line that has a quick disconnect on the tank. There is a little chunk of metal that protrudes and makes the valve on the tank let fuel past. Mine was broke, no fuel, no run. Replaced the whole line, think it was like $50 or so. Back in the game.

    Anyway, might want to check that before throwing money at it. I am sure you will get many other possible ideas from guys far more qualified than I am. Good luck and hope your back in the wind soon.

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    r low tells me YOUR fuel Tank Is EMPTY....

    Top it up and it should start fine.

    Proof is using starting fluid and it runs.

    I WOULD NOT use spray starting fluid...... Bad on the Rings and can blow a head gasket.

    I personally use a spray bottle with gasolene and spray a little into the venture while the air cleaner is off.

    If you fill tank with gas and it runs fine BUT at a 1/2 tank or less it starts to Not run again, You might have a small hole rubbed in the fuel tube inside the tank........ Tha answers for that are here also... Another time.:newsmile105:

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    Thanks I will check my out