no rear brakes !!!!

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by jerryw618, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. jerryw618

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    hello there i changed the brake pads yesterday , same way as i have before and now i dont have any rear brakes , pedal goes down too the pedal stop with no back pressure felt and brakes dont activate . its an 07 sporty 883L with almost 14k miles on it , could i have blown the master cylinder ? no leaks anywhere , brakes were bled and fresh dot4 fluid put in at 10k checkup and the brakes worked fine since then. I cant figure out what could have happened ?

    now this morning i took the pads out pumped the brakes and the piston moved out . ok , i reinstalled the pads pumped the brakes and the piston moved out seated pads on rotor , but still no pedal pressure and no rear brakes , i think i might need too bleed the system again ???
  2. CliffBuzzHD1

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    Jerry, it has been my experience yes, even though it appears the air is out, there is still air in the line....Start by rebleeding the lines is my suggestion. Good luck.

    Cliff Buzz
  3. dbmg

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    Would suggest to gravity bleed. Just make master does not run dry.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    clamp the rear brake hose off with a small vise grips, pump up the brake, if it does not become firm right away the master could be bypassing or have a lot of air, rebleed and try again, this method takes the caliper out of the loop to narrow it down, easy does it on the clamping force on the brake hose you dont want to collapse it for good. This is a tried and trued method in the auto industry, have used it many times,you can buy KD hose clamps for this very cheap also, good luck:)
  5. jerryw618

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    hello again just got done working on the brakes again , took pads out reseated them they are in correctly . i vacuum bled the system and same thing pedal goes too the pedal stop and no brakes im stumped :newsmile047:
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Master cylinder test post 5 next step, look inside master to see if compensating port hole is opening, this will require a keen eye
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  7. TQuentin1

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    I suggest rebuilding the rear master. You will fiddle around trying to get it to work only to try and save less than $50. Easy to do, and it is fixed.

  8. jerryw618

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    hello again , well last night i did it one more time disassembles the brakes reinstalled the pads putit all back together , pedal was still soft and hit ther stop so this morning off i go too work and the brakes started coming back , and on the ride home even more so , and this eveniong i have brakes . this never happened before and i dont know what it was or why , but i do now have my brakes . thank you everyone for the input it is greatly appreciated . you kept me at it and it worked . ride safe my friends
  9. Jack Klarich

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    Glad it worked out for you but keep an eye on them:s
  10. ProF

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    I'm glad, too, that it worked out. I hate it, though, when I do a bunch of different things, none of which seem to work, and then suddenly it works and I'm clueless as to why.
    I don't just want something fixed... I want to know what was wrong with it.