New vibration.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by gs34, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. gs34

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    I seem to have picked up a new vibration over the last few days. Its not noticable when the bike is first started, but seems to get worse as the bike gets hotter.
    Right now, I don't have a clue what's causing it.
    I had the right side muffler come loose a while back and I'm wondering if I might have gotten it shoved too far forward and bottomed out when I tightened the clamp.
    I need to change my back tire in the next week, so maybe when I do that, I'll just pull both mufflers and check it out.
    I don't seem to be hearing any odd noises to go along with the vibration, but something isn't right.
    Sure hope I didn't scissor the crank!!!!!!
  2. glider

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    Been doing any hard riding or hard/missed shifting lately?
  3. gs34

    gs34 Junior Member

    Not really. Been doing a lot of riding, but, nothing abusive or radical.
    I actually can't say for sure when it started. Just had something irritating me one day, and finally realized it was more vibration than what is normal.
    When I change that tire, I'll check things over...look at that front motor mount etc.
    If I don't find anything, and if it's still there after I reinstall the wheel and put the mufflers back on, I guess I'll have to pull the primary and check runout on the shaft.
  4. TQuentin1

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    Also check the links at the front and at the top of the engine. Make sure the bolts through BOTH ends of the links are tight, and that the jam nuts are tight too.

    Drive belt tension. Rear brake pads have even wear.

  5. gs34

    gs34 Junior Member

    I'll do the belt when I put the wheel back on, and will more than likely change the rear pads then too.
    Thanks for the tip on the top link TQ, I'll check it.
  6. cowboywildbill

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    If everything else that was mentioned is OK. And since you said you had a loose muffler. You might also want to check the rubber bushing for the hanger on your muffler at the rear and the muffler position. If the there is too much up or down tension on the hanger busing it will transfer the vibration to the frame. I noticed it in my floorboards mostly when I had mine out of adjustment on my two into one exhaust. I used some washers to correct it.
    Vibration gone.