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Discussion in 'Oil' started by Bikergeek, May 12, 2014.

  1. Bikergeek

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    Hi all,

    I am a new owner of a 2014 Street Glide. Looking at the engine layout, I see that the drain holes for all the oils are different than my recently traded '08 Heritage Softail. Since this is a new bike and I plan on changing the oils myself (as I did on the Heritage) I don't know where all of the drain holes are located. Someone local here told me where they are located but I would like to confirm the locations. I was told the tranny oil drain plug is hiding above a cross member plate located on the right side that has an irregular shaped hole in it for the oil to drain through.

    I have only 450 miles on the bike but I want to be ready when the time comes to change the oils and not be totally confused.

    Can someone here describe the location of all drains and attach images showing the drain plugs of all three? TIA.
  2. tourbox

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    I don't know for sure on the '14s but on my '12 the tranny is where you were told. The Primary is on the bottom of under the derby cover,close to same location of your Soft Tail. The engine oil is under the the bike at the front of the oil pan, long rectangular pan under tranny. There are 2 plugs there, 1 a 5/8 bolt, the other is a pipe plug with allen head. The 5/8 bolt(socket size) is the drain. All 3 holes use the same socket.
    When draining the tranny make sure you have the bike level or the fluid, as it slows down, will run along the xse. brace and make more of a mess. Didn't really have any pics.
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    If you're gonna be doing all your own maintenance, the first thing you need to buy is the shop manual. Has the pictures, torque specs, refill capacities, etc. Read first, wrench second. You'll thank me later :D
    Congrats on the new bike.
  4. Bikergeek

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    Funny you should mention the shop manual...Actually, I do have it but haven't really perused the pages since the bike is too new (only 470 miles) and there aren't any problems with the bike that I needed to look into it except for the wiring diagrams.

    Thanks for the reminder and hoping there are pictures showing what I need.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a really GOOD oil filter "catch-all" funnel that will not make a mess by the oil filter when removing it. Remember, this bike has the ABS system and oil cooler lines in front and blocking a clear path to the oil filter. Someone told me the Harley funnel may not work with the 2014 models. I found another "strange" funnel called "Form A Funnel". Lots of positive and negative reviews on all of them so they make decision making almost impossible.

    This group is so helpful, I know I'll get the right info. TIA,
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    If you just have the owners manual that they come with,they have good diagrams of exactly which hole is which under neath.
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    Jamesearl speaks the truth. Just oil, air, and a few basics, Owners Manual very good.
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    Try taking off the filter with a clear 1 litre bottle with the cap left on and the end cut out works like a charm
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    My boys bought the oil change kit Harley sells. A low enclosed drain pan, filter wrench, funnel and a mat to lay on.