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    Hi folks. Im a lifelong rider who just acquired a 98 Harley Sportster Custom. The bike has been modified quite a bit and til the other day ran perfectly. Ive spent hours pouring over all the posts and have read enough to know generally in what area to look for a problem.
    I live and work in the Reno, Nevada area so I get to ride in some very beautiful scenery. Mountains, Lakes and high desert surround me so Im on the bikes when Im not working. My other bike is a 79 Yamaha XS-11SF. Great power, full fairing, hard bags and trunk.
    Im not sure yet where to Post the problem I have with the Custom so Im going to mention it here and hope I'll be directed accordingly.
    While riding the other day, a 10 mile easy ride, I came off the freeway to a stop. I took off and when I got to third gear I hear a loud Whine from the clutch area so I pulled over. When letting out the clutch the bike does NOT move at all.It does in and out of gears fine yet when the clutch lever is let out the bike does not move. The first couple times I let the clutch out there was a whining sound from the clutch are, but after that nothing at all . This is with bike running.I took off the cover for the clutch and the inspection cover for the chain. Nothing obvious wrong. Feedback welcome..Please.
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    Welcome to The Forum, Have a look here first, make sure your bike is cold during adjustment, and check back in Good Luck
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    Welcome to the forum from southeastern CT:USA:CONNECTICUT
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    Welcome to the forum.:cheers
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.