New Softail Sputtered and Died, Again!

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    Seeking guru with clue. I have a 2012 Slim(103 big twin) with about 2500 miles on it. Not long ago I noticed it was a little sluggish when I got on the throttle. The problem progressed the next couple times I rode it to the point it was sputtering and backfiring until it became impossible to start. After a lengthy time at the dealer, they diagnosed it as a bad fuel pump and replaced it. It ran great for a few weeks and about 500 miles and then the exact same mechanical symptoms started up again. I drove it about 150 miles to my mom's house and noticed it was a little sluggish. When I got on it the next day to ride home it was sputtering and backfiring to the point where it stalled. I barely got it back to my mother's house. The only diagnostics I have from the dealer are that the mechanic said it had about 60% of normal fuel pressure and he also said there were no cracks or holes in the fuel pump lines. I know they looked at the injectors and sending unit and determined the fuel pump to be the issue. What in the world would allow it to run fine for a few hundred miles with a new fuel pump and then have the same issues all over?
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    Huh? what does 60 per cent of fuel pressure mean? I would have them come fetch it and fix that fuel problem JMO
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    Fuel pressure was in the low 30's PSI. Should be at least 55.


    They have fetched it. Just wondering if this made sense to anyone? How could it run fine for 500 miles on the new pump and then the backfiring and stalling starts up all over again. I woyuld tink there has to be a hole in one of the lines off the pump inside the tank but I didn't see one and the dealer didn't find one either.


    Also, I have stock breather and pipes on the bike.
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    Have they changed the pump a second time?
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    Even though your not fixing it yourself, I would perform a WOW test just to see if any codes were logged.
    Also, what are you using for fuel enrichment? Stage 1 download, black box etc.