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    Hi all
    My first 'real' post here after the intro:
    I am in a (long) process of improving my old sled ('91 FLTC), and have done various mods to it - more are in the plans.
    Up to '93 the Tourers had the battery outboard on the RH side, with the saddlebag wrapped around it. The net result is that the bag is small, and add old, cracked fibreglass and clumsy latches to this, and you see why I want to change into the newer side-opening type.
    I will need to move the battery to under the seat (a good thing, given I have an AGM battery which rarely ever needs attention), and newer saddlebag supports/new RH sidepanel. That sould be it.

    Now, I found this company that seems to make some nice and very sturdy looking ones:
    Does anyone here have experience with them?
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    Reckless motorcycles makes them as well