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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by franka, Jul 12, 2016.

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    2007 Road King with inexpensive average quality aftermarket rotors that I've run for 8 years. Stopping power not as good as I would like, therefore, I think I can get better stopping power with a higher quality rotor, and suggestions on brand and model? I run Lyndall pads.
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    If the stopping capabilities are not what you like, has there been any change when new pads have been installed over the 8 years???
  3. Harttoo

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    I agree that pads would be the source of stopping issues.Why not try sintered pads.If You don't like them ,go back to Lyndall's.
  4. Jeff Klarich

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    Something that is often overlooked is checking and changing brake fluid.
    Brake fluid will break down over time and will lose it's efficiency, condensation will also gather in the system.
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    Braking improvement is another one of those money pits one can fall into if not thoughtful before diving in.

    As most of you must know, most of the stopping is done up front, so that's the place to start. The first thing I would suggest that the OP consider is replacing the OEM rotors with the OEM "floating" rotors which are not a true floating rotor but, for the cost, not a bad upgrade. Next, replace the pads with HH rated pads like Lyndall Extreme; SBS and EBC also offer HH rated pads. Next replace the OEM brake lines with steel braided lines. These upgrades will improve stopping power and may satisfy the OP.

    Next step would be to replace the calipers with the '08+ Brembo calipers and master cylinder; plenty of take offs available on Ebay.

    If more yet is required, get out the wallet for aftermarket true full floating rotors and six piston calipers or true Brembo calipers; we are now into big bucks upgrades that, IMHO, are not necessary for the way most of us ride these bikes.;)

    FYI, I have been investigating the various alternatives for my '02 FLHT; I got it going faster with the all bore 107" and now need to be able to stop faster. I have recently collected all the parts for the '08 Brembo upgrade, front and rear, front master cylinder and front and rear calipers and will replace the brake lines with steel braided lines and upgrade the pads; already running the OEM floating rotors. The Brembo hardware was purchased on Ebay for less than $400, so I will complete this upgrade for less than $1000 which I believe totally worth it. Recent shoulder surgery has kept me from actually getting the job done. I have a couple of friends that recently completed this same upgrade and he is quite happy with the results; we both ride '02 FLHTs with modified motors.
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  6. franka

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    I've tried different pads over the years and nothing seems better than Lyndall, also the break dust reduction for Lyndall is superior to all others, especially due to the fact I run wide white walls. Dolt most likely has the best advice with Brembo and floating rotors, I already have braided lines front and back.
  7. HDDon

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    I have found that the previous recommendation of braided brake line is spot on. This will really give you a better feel and stronger breaking. Changing out the break fluid as was said earlier is also something you don't want to neglect.
  8. Jack Klarich

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    I would add most do not know about the lines breaking down and contaminated the fluid, Look below I have the test strips, they can be had @ most good auto chains, I also have a brake fluid shark, it may be over kill, but when I was working it was a fast check for moisture content
  9. dolt

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    Lyndall certainly makes a good product but so does SBS and EBC; all offer a variety of pads. Brake pad dust control can be found in pads offered by any of the above; depends on the pad selected. The HH rated pads are going to be the best when it comes to stopping capability. Steel braided lines, clean brake fluid, master cylinder bore, caliper and pads all combine to produce the braking or lever "feel" one desires. I like to be able to scrub off some speed approaching a turn with two fingers on the lever so I can roll into the turn at a controllable speed and not need to apply any braking, only throttle through the turn; however, I still don't get it right every time but would much rather need more throttle than more brake to negotiate the turn.:eek: I don't know what I will get with the HD designed, Brembo made calipers and expect it will take some getting used to, the know unknown. I know the braking will be better after the upgrades but also know it will take some adjustment before I will be able to roll through the twist and/or tight stuff the way I can now.:oops: