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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by dd1228, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. dd1228

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    I'm running stock cams in my 02 FLHTC with a 95 inch kit. (from the previous owner). I now have 74000 miles on it. Replaced tensioner shoes at 60000. Lots of noise coming from that area, and an HD service mgr said I need to replace the cams as that is the source of the noise. He said the casing has worn off and that causes noise! I never heard of such a thing, however we checked everything else and cannot find the source of the noise. So I want to upgrade and I am lost between the Andrews gear drive kit and the HD chain drive upgrade with the hydraulic tensioners. Both are about the same price. Either way I will probably go with Andrews 26 cams. What do all you experts think?
  2. Chopper

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    I'm no expert but I would go for the upgrade over the gear drive if it was my bike, new style oil pump & cam plate with roller chain, it don't get much better then that.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    IF you go with the New Hydraulic "KIT" from HD and replace the INA bearings with Full style timken (torrington)...

    You will have Many UP-Grades using the "KIT".. New HP oil pump, new style camplate with Hydraulic tensioner system on the newer bikes of today..... Plus new chain gears and New chins.....

    HD's KIT is 429$ and you get a lot for the price...... IF you go Gear, You will Pay More IF you want the NEEDED oil pump Upgrade... I have gonne Gear in a 2000 FXDS long ago and I did like it... BUT i paid a lot MORE than the kit price Just for a feuling oil pump and a delkron cam support plate......

    For a Street bike Today, I would Go with the New Hydraulic type KIT..
    YOUR choice on the Cams..

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    I agree with Chopper and BuB. I did they HD upgrade hydraulic tensioner kit and its awesome. You really can't beat the deal you get when HD decides to put the parts into a kit? And in my opinion their instructions that come with them are usually top notch too?
  5. tlyoungb

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    I just had my tensioners replaced at 60K. I didn't do the HD Kit, but I did get the new oil pump and bearings and such. Man the oil pressure is really good now, and runs a lot better.
  6. dd1228

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    Thanks for all the advise, and I think I'll take it and go with the upgrade kit from HD.