New Air Intake. Tune-up needed ?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by israguard, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. israguard

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    2010 FLHX

    Good morning,

    I replaced the stock (single) pipe with a Reinhart. I would like to now change my air "filter" to the K&N "Cone" style unit. Do I need to take bike in to Dealer for a tune-up / adjustment or will they just sit on my bike for an hour & send me a bill for $175.- ?

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Rgds, Shawn
  2. Hoople

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    If your presently Not using any fueler of any type, I would just get a TFI and go.! Benefits even a bone stock bike.
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    You do not need to go to shop. You do need to change fuel strategy though. With the upgrades you made bike is going to run lean. To maximize upgrades and resetting fuel strategy you will be able to take full effect of upgrades. Type in TFI or Dobeck in search box and check out all the info available and the ease of installation.
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    Thanks... I will have to learn what TFI snads for and move on from there

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    You will find that the TFI or Gen3 made by Dobecks, also allow the "Members" here a Discount when you purchase a unit from them..

    Going Thru the DESK when you order by phone to get the HDT discount..
    Their products are Site Supported by them under "DOBECKS PRODUCT SUPPORT" area thread on the main home page..

    They are good to work with and IT IS the Easiest and Best product Offered as a Piggy-Back to the fuel system I have Used..
    ANY HD would benefit from Its use..

    Many here on HDT, use the TFI/Gen3 and have their Harleys running Great..

    Why toss money down a hole to get it re-map that is Still Too Lean. ? unit cost about 250$ area less your discount.. Re adjust TFI or pressing a button on the Gen3 anytime for different modification by using a small screwdriver.
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    +1 on the TFI, best money you will spend.
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  8. israguard

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    Went to local HD this a.m. & chief mechanic came to see me as I was inquiring about the installation of the "Screaming Eagle Ventilator Performance Air Cleaner Kit" Part# 29915-09.

    He said that with my reinhart pipe I must perform a "retune". I will have to purchase the "retuning box" which from HD and has to be the "racing type". In Montreal.. $400 for the box. Plus labour and of course the part itself. He said there will be a performance change in the 5-10 percent. Regardless.. I was quite surprised at just how much this will all cost. Easilly in the $800-$900 range . Ouch !
  9. Hoople

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    What are you currently using for fuel enrichment with the Reinharts?
    Running a 2010, please don't say none.:)
  10. Dr. Dolittle

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    Sounds like he's trying to force you to buy the HD fuel tuner. Baloney! At the very least, the dealer can simply perform a Stage 1 download to your ECM to account for your pipes and air cleaner mods. Shouldn't cost anywhere near $400. The downside of this is that it simply returns your bike to the original lean condition it had when new.

    Better solution is to add your own fuel tuner. Many, many to choose from depending on how involved you want to be in the "process." Simplest, and yet VERY effective, is the TFI from Dobeck.

    Spend some time with the search function on this forum and/or browsing the Self Help Tips - you've got lots of reading to do!!! :s