New '97 Road King from Chicago

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    New member. Already benefitted from this forum, so I hope I can pay it back.

    Had a stuttering problem, no not me, my bike. :)

    Although the problem has to do with the Power Commander that was installed, the questions I was asked by a fellow forum member certainly helped as I was discussing the problem with the dealer (Illinois Harley Davidson in Oak Park, IL...GREAT dealership btw!!!).

    The dealer's head engine tech, James, was doing all the work in the parking lot because the rest of the service bays were full. Can't thank James enough for all the help. He didn't quit until he figured out the problem. I rode the bike home after he disconnected the PC and the bike was amazing! All the power that I thought should have been there from the beginning was there.

    They're sending back the PC to the manufacturer and then they'll reinstall it and dyno tune the bike when the PC is returned or replaced.

    I've owned this bike for a few weeks (my first Harley) and I love riding it. At 46 years old, finally getting on a Harley after riding for more than 28 years has been a journey. A lot of other great bikes out there that I'd feel comfortable riding, but getting on my Road King is a blessing and a dream come true.

    Thanks again for a great experience joining this forum community.

    One more note: I have to apologize for using an inappropriate word on the forum. :(

    I used a word I would never have imagined was inappropriate, but it was. I already apologized to Glider, tried to edit my post (couldn't because the 5 minutes allowed time to edit a post had elapsed) and I submitted a ticket to the site admin to remove the word. Sorry in advance for anyone who reads my post with the word in it. In case you're wondering, the word is very similar to darn (same first two letters and last letter: :newsmile055:). Again, my sincere apologies.

    Look forward to many years of enjoyable and safe riding.

    Mark aka Aceboympk

    No need to tell us again what the word you used was.
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. It won't take you long to get used to the no language policy here and come to appreciate it.
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    Thanks Geezer!

    No worries about the language, already made the mental note.

    Enjoy and ride safely.

    Mark aka Aceboympk
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    Welcome to the "BEST on the NET" Be sure to check out the Self Help Section for great tips and advice. Enjoy your stay!!!
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    Welcome to The Forum:wce:rider
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    Ride Safe!!!