Needing sum help im at a loss

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    ok to start this off i put the big sucker stage one a/c on the sporty the other day , started it up and other then me hearing it suck air :D there was no real diff in the way it ran . it did pop a few times before it warmed up . i took it down the road no more than a mile run and I could tell it had more get up and go to it . now the bike was bought from a dealer, and it had SEII slip ons when it was bought . I taking the advice of a few ppl on the sight, who i think everyone trust . took the bike(hauled)to a friend who has been ridding Harleys for as long as i been alive to do the jet work for me . well he had the bike two days and called me today saying he had it ready to get picked up , and that it wasnt the jets that was the problem but it was a lil out of time ??? He got it tweeked in and its running strong . now i know a lil about cars and i know you can tweek it for diff things . i just dont know what to do . i dont know if the dealer ship jeted the bike or maybe the first owner did and put the stock a/c back on it when traiding it in . he said it didnt need jeted it was the timming that was off . im picking up the bike in the AM and i dont know if i should go ahead and ride it or what . im realy at a loss on what to do , i dont want to run it lean and mess the motor up . but i dont want to act like i think hes full of $#!t and he dont know what hes doing either , he is a good friend and he has his own shop . need some help with this one guys
  1. im plumb dumb when it comes to this stuff , all i know is its 03 1200 sporty with SEII slipons and now a big sucker stage one a/c . i was taking you and gliders info and getting it jetted . than he called me and said he poped the rivets off the thing and got it timed right :20:and its running good now . i dont know what he talking about lol so i thought id ask you all on here for your thoughts on it . i hope he aint blowing smoke . but i dont know . all i know is i dont want to take a chance running the bike lean and messing it up . and im a lil unsure about me and the carb lol dont know if id know what i was doing . heck i dont know the diff from a 42 and a 45 jet lol
  2. that was my thinking about the cams and stuff . in a car u tweek the distribitor but they aint one on a bike didnt think it was a easy job to time a bike let alone a v-twin . i think ill have to take a chance and dive into the carb myself . and hope i dont end up with xtra parts when im done lol
  3. ya know it may just be im too big for the lil 1200 sporty im trying to ride :bigsmiley31::lolrolling:lolrolling
  4. well im going in the am to pick it up and ill have him show me what he did to it than im going to put new plugs in it and get a dipstick with a temp on it and keep a close eye on it . i may even do the plug chop thingy to it , id reather have a few bucks in plugs than a few hundred on motor work . so hobbit how do you tell the size of the jet ? is it stamped on it or what
  5. ok so what if it still has the oem jet in it and he just messed with the timing to make it easer on him . would it hurt the bike ? it would still be lean wouldnt it ?
  6. yeah i think i need a manual for the thing and a lil more confidance in doing the stuff myself . and thinks for all the help and info you give on here you guys make this a REAL nice sight to belong to . i dont feel like a idiot even this im ignorant to the stuff you all help alot with your info
  7. well thanks for the info Hobbit and you have a good day, as for me im off the grab sum zzzzzz's Be safe out there