Need more height & pullback/09 FLHT

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mca1989, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. mca1989

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    I have a 09 FLHT with ABS. I am wanting to change my handle bars to add aprox 2" in height + 2" in pullback,
    I am thinking cable should be easy find as well as adding any addition wire to controlls.
    My question is how do I match trottle cable/wires to size needed ?
    also any suggestions on bars to use, any photo would be helpfull.
  2. nfusion

    nfusion Active Member

    there is no throttle cable on the 09 flht throttle by wire electronic not sure if you can go higher or not
  3. amckay63

    amckay63 Member

    Harley makes a longer TBW cable that doesn't have the little green clip in it for when wires are run internally. I'm not sure, but I think it's 29" amd costs about $80. I don't know if there's any good reason not to just splice on some longer wires, but maybe one of the gurus can tell you if that's a bad idea or not.
  4. barttoday

    barttoday Active Member

    I talked to a couple of guys about splicing in some wire when I put 16" apes on my 08 FLHRC last spring. They said that if you messed up the soldering or didn't get a good splice you would change the resistance in the wire and it would have an adverse effect. I bought the wire extension from barnett, but did not end up using it. There was plenty of wire in the headlight nacelle to run through my apes, I dont think you will have any problems not extending that tbw wire. The others I don't know, I think you will have to add a bit. (Note: with my 16" apes the wire is pretty much at it's max. It has plenty of slack to not rub or stretch with the full travel of the steering column, but I could not have gotten away w/o using the extension if I had gone any taller on the apes)
  5. B-1B_Guy

    B-1B_Guy Junior Member

    I have same bike, went with the HD touring pullback bars. Clutch, brake cables and TBW harness did not need to be swapped. Clutch cable is snug but if you reroute inside the fairing you'll be ok. Big job, make sure you have the service manual if you tackle this bar swap. Pulling & reinstalling the ignition are tricky and the manual will really help you out.
  6. Mobile Rapier

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    I put aa set of the heartage style bars on my Road king. They should be close to you 2 +2's and didn't have to change any cabling or wiring. There is a lot of excess wire in the TBW harness.
  7. billnapabill

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    Not sure the Heritage bars'll fit the FLHT, might not be wide enough at the base to fit the fairing..........the Touring Pullbacks are a sure bet and other than some re-routing shouldn't need any cable,wire or breakline mods.
    Take yer time, protect yer paint and have fun!
  8. billygoatgruff

    billygoatgruff New Member

    I have trouble riding long distances with the stock bars on my '11 Ultra Limited, and am thinking about changing to a 14" bar and from the forum, I believe I should be able to do this without too much added Monkey Motion to get it to work. Other then the clutch cable routing, would there be any other surprises I should be on the lookout for while I'm doing this. Oh, I also have heated grips.
  9. Iceman24

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    I purposely bought LA Choppers 10" Primeapes to raise/pull-back my 09 FLHX riding stance & all the research I found indicated "no" need for adding/splicing cables. Anything more (i.e. 12"+) required extensions, or new wiring. I won't install until later this season, but looks like everything will wire OK w/o additional wiring to bike.