My Sporster 883 Custom won't start after a good wash:-(

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Deusvult, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Deusvult

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    Hi Folks,

    I really need your help, so please read till the end.

    My Sportster 883 Custom, 2007 was not being used for good 2 months, as I was out of the country.

    You see I live in United Arab Emirates, a desert country, dusty, dry & oh boy oven hot! I was away for more than a month & upon my return saw the dust enveloping my bike. I jump started it & then gave it a good wash couple days ago, then used WD40 on the sensitive electrical area like the fuse box, the ignition (starter) area.

    First the ignition would not contact, I mean if I shake the key, it would make contact. However after trying & having the bike started, I rode it a bit only to have it stalled after the quarter of a mile. The horns, indicators & brake lamps wouldn't work either. Somehow I manged to drag it back to my garage.

    I thought the problem was due to the WD40, I did a good generous spray of gasoline on almost all the electrical points (dont know if this was the right thing to do) the ignition, fuse box, battery terminals were all sprayed without any luck. The engine is cranking but it would not start. I am sure it is electrical.

    Please do let me know what I should do to get it started. I will be highly appreciative of a quick response from any one of you.


    In need!
  2. glider

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    Gasoline sprayed is a BAD move because of it's explosive nature. The WD 40 will not hurt much of anything and displaces moisture.

    I would check to see if you are lacking spark or fuel to start with and work from there. Maybe a blow drier or the exhaust end of a vacuum used on the sensitive areas like switch housings and the ECM/ICM which ever you have may help.
  3. speedyron

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    Never put gasoline on electrical. That is not a good mix. Your lucky your bike did not carch fire. I have no idea what is causing your electrical problem but that is not a good idea. The fire hazard is one thing but gas wilol eat up plastic, so not good thing.
  4. Deusvult

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    Thanks for the advise...yeah did find out that gasoline wasn't a good choice. I'll try the blower now. Will keep you posted. It's extremely hot here (almost 122* F) and I'm hoping all the gasoline or water would've dried up by now.