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Discussion in 'V-Twin Heat Deflectors' started by SEroadking, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. SEroadking

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    I took the plunge and acquired a set of the heat deflectors from RJ originals. And the do what they are made to do. No more fried thighs as advertised. And they are immensely valuable in lowering the seat pan and seat temperatures. Fit well. And they look way better than the smoked plastic ones from Mother Harley and Kuryakyn.
  2. mat 60

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    Great that are working out....You guys shore get some hot weather in Texas..:)
  3. hobo55

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    I have them also and they made a big difference.
    Good product.
  4. SEroadking

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    Yes it is, too hot. 106 here yesterday, (108, 20 miles away.) To be honest I park it when 95 and up. It is like sitting on a hibachi with a blow dryer pointed into your face. The high compression engine and crappy Tx. gas is torcher on the oil temp anyway. If I need to go anywhere I am back in the garage by 10am, or hop into the truck when desperate. I should have bought the heat shields years ago, I really couldn't believe how much cooler that my seat is. I also discovered that because the air flow change was so significant that my off-side saddle bag is much cooler as well. All around a good purchase, like the footboard extensions, that little 3/4" makes a huge difference in comfort on longer rides. Every time I see those hazy plastic things on other rides I am happy about how well the RJ goods look on mine. I will recommend them, there really is no comparison.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    This is good supporting a site sponsor and American made as well:s
  6. Iceman24

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    Nothing keeps the crotch cool like NMFT shields...=8^)

    Easily added to bike...just remove seat, tie-on & go.