Motorcycle Oil Study 2009

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    Oil is a tricky subject. Everyone has their preference, as do I. The only oil I have ever heard of someone having a problem with, was Amsoil. It was just that though, "I heard" but didn't see it myself. But on the flipside of that, that is the first time I have seen a report on oil performance. I think I could have predicted the results without even glancing at the PDF file. Amsoil, who conducted the test, did pretty well. Go figure. Say maybe that they did not do that well, would they have still released the results? So far so good with Mobil 1, can get it almost everywhere, not outrageously expensive, and have never heard anything bad about it. JMO though.

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    I am stuned that a so called "White Paper" put out by Ams Oil came to the conclusion that Ams Oil is the best. What are the odds on that?
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    What's up with that link? I opened it about 5 pm and it was several pages hyping a book called the oil bible
    or some title like that. Now I open it, and it's the Amsoil pdf that I have seen several times. And,, I haven't been drinking. :newsmile091:
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    I smell a rat:p
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    i looked at it and mobil 1 v twin was all over the top brand according to this !
    i'm sticking with 20w50 full syn mobil
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    I just picked up some hd synthetic oil from my local dealer. It's my first oil change on this bike that I'm doing myself. Is this oil sufficient? Any tips or tricks for taking the filter off without making a mess? 08' streetglide
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    As far as the oil, your tap dancing round a mine field when it comes to oil preferences. Harley sells it, uses it, it can't be that bad.
    As far as removing the filter, best thing I have found, and I have one of those funky drain pans that is supposed to slide in there and catch it all, but doesn't. The best thing I have found is to take a punch and put a hole in the filter as low as you reasonably can, and then another one up high for a vent. Let it drain as long as reasonably possible. You won't stop all the mess, but this does stop 90%+ of any potential mess. Good Luck!
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    The inability to post up on Self Help Tips may be related to size of the file, but clearly the report is a "bit" biased, but informative nonetheless. Posting up as a hyperlink is fine.:s

    As far as clean and easy oil change, MOCO sells orange funnel for draining the oil filter or pouring tray/spout for fresh oil fill, once you remove the derby cover...OR go "cheap" and fabricate your own (did this before MOCO offered them) and tranny funnel with hose poured thru the primary chain adjustment opening, once the inspection cover is removed. :)
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