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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by mydeluxe, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Thinking about adding some more power to my 2005 FLSTNI. In the past I took the easy way out and had the guys at my local HD shop added a V&H exhaust and power commander with a SE 204 cam and it did add a little more power when I jumped in the passing lane. But now I need more bang out of this 88... I’m ready to get my hand greasy this time so does anybody know of some kind of kit that I can get that may help me out. Thanks MD
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    Kick it up to a 95. That will give you a lot of smiles per mile.
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    IF you want to get more power from what you have done to your present build, The good advice here is to go 95".
    7 cu inches WILL wake up the modifications you already have... BIG TIME...

    You might want to talk to a head porter or builder to Pick their brain.
    (? on porting the heads)

    Ported Heads DON'T always benefit a Build for the $$ spent..

    BUT thinking of $$ savings right now and YOU do the work,,, do JUST the big bore (95") and choice of pistions (type, cast or regular and compression they offer).

    The compression ratio's are needed for making YOUR decision... Use the Bigboyz link below... You can figure to keep your bike NOT pumping over 195 /200 at sea level.with the 95" build and the cams you use...

    Higher Compression = POWER

    Careful,,, too much compression = Heat & Ping...

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    I bumped to an Axtell 107, ported heads, 55mm throttle body, Horsepower Inc 5.3gm/sec injectors, Andrews 59G cams and 2-1 exhaust. Added a Feuling oil pump and Rivera Primo ProClutch. The final touch was Christmas 2010......Baker OD6 tranny. Runs much different than the day I bought it.

    One thing Bubbie said that is oh so true, talk to the head porting people to discuss what you're wanting to do, riding style, where you're looking for torque and such
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    You got some good advice here. The Big bore kit will go along was to giving you the extra ummmph you are looking for, basic fact is , there is no replacement for displacement.

    I am also a big fan of raising compression ratio's as well, my preference is to do it with pistons as opposed to having the heads "shaved", and depending on how in depth you want to get (and your budget) you can raise the compression height of the pistons.

    Some polishing work in the intake and exhaust bowls of the heads will go a long way to increasing the flow with out dumping huge amounts of time and money into a full manifold match, port and polish job.

    But I guess the best advice one could give you is to keep your build balanced, simply bolting on a set of Zippers full blown race heads for instance, with out doing anything else will give you better performance but is that really the best way to spend that much money for the return you will get? The most important part of your build will happen way before you ever pick up a wrench, it will be the planning that goes into it before you spend the first dime....... JMO
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    "The most important part of your build will happen way before you ever pick up a wrench, it will be the planning that goes into it before you spend the first dime....... JMO "

    Like Midnight Rein suggests do some planning,research what you think you would like to do to the point of maybe even calling some shops and or tuners to see what kind of results they have had !