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    I bought my first Harley yesteday :bigsmiley9:, 2011 Heritage Softtail Classic :small3d026: Awesome bike. Can you all give me the details on the 103 mod, cams, and exhaust? I don't want to learn by trial and error on this if I don't need to. Thanks. :D
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    All I can say is this - read every word of Smitty's post at least 5 times! He knows what he's talking about. If you keep this bike for a number of years, trust me, you will be spending many hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars getting it "just right" for you.

    Take your time, get it broken in, ride it in EVERY type of riding you intend to eventually do (long trips, 2 up, etc.) You will slowly develop a list of wants and needs and be able to prioritize and budget for everything. Better than throwing tons of money at it while it's brand new and then wishing you'd done something different as you ride it and get to know it more.
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    You just spent all that cash on a 2011, at least run it untill your warrenty is up. Lots of time for mods. Enjoy your great ride.

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    Welcome aboard! :hii Every answer given here is spot-on. I especially like this quoted one. By the time your first season of riding is done, you will have changed your mind several times! We all did it, do it, and will continue to!

    My advice is to limit changes to cosmetics and comfort this year. Make that bike YOURS and get to know it's strong points and the ones NOT so strong before you try to fix them. Make notes and stash them away as you get ideas. At the end of the season, you'll see some of those and wonder "What was I thinking?" And, AND LISTEN to the veterans...most have good advice!

    But above all, RIDE SAFE!
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    Welcome.................! Well put smitty,Dr.,and nys. These are all very good suggestions, especially wait till after your warranty. Then if you decide ask, all the questions you need too. Know your riding habits, rpm range, average speed, and wether you ride double up or not. These are all very good questions for your self to answer before you can even figure out what mods you would like to do. L.O.L. we have all spent a pile of money on all of these things, equip your bike for your riding style then ask yourself the above questions, before going to bigger motors or cams. Welcome again sorry for being so long winded, but use this year to figure out the above.
    Keep the rubber under you and wecome again.
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    I did SE Air , Vance and Hines Shortshot exhaust and a PCV on my new 2011 FLSTFB before it left the dealers, these mods are now covered under my extended warranty
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    smitty and doc are wise dudes great advice even for older hd's :newsmile01: and there owners like me

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    Now that you have read the above post, I'll give you My take ON what I have done and Will do in the future on my 09 FLHR.

    I don't REV this bike like a lighter bike I had.(.)

    so I would suggest you get a FULL stage one and by that I mean like my set-up,,,,
    I put on a set of slip-ons,,,,,, V&H on mine,,,, Mmany Other brands and sounds available.

    A better Breathing air set up Like HD's Scream'n Eagles Air or Others out there...

    THEN TFI, a fuler that you can read on AND the TFI people ANSWER ALL questions right here On Site... Manufactures Product SUPPORT....TFI

    "Questions Answered By Dobeck"

    Now those are the first things I would do BEFORE going to BIGGER....

    You Might want to stay Right Here and give that a try....
    Later on my build (planned this way for piece meal) I NOW install SE 255's a great bolt in cam for a Bigger heavy bike and Lots of Lower end torque...

    Later AFTER i get some wear-miles out of MY 96", I will go 103" with a little head work and INSTALL Pressure Relief Valves at that time.

    The TFI made the Biggest Noticed difference when going to a full Stage One... The proper balance of FUEL into the Harley which comes Way TOO Lean from the show-room floor is a must own item.. Others out there But the Best in my opinion..

    check TFI out and read the many benefits of the TFI... You can get a discount HERE being a member of HDT... If you order one SEE the discounts available from Dobecks TFI FIRST Then order thru Their Order desk LIVE and save..