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    I recently bought a 2000 FLRTI Road Glide. The bike comes standard with cruise control. Someone apparently discarded the cruise control module and cable when the 95 inch kit was installed. I can buy the module and cable for $375. from Harley. All the switches on handle bars and console are still there.

    My problem is I don't know what else might be missing as far as brackets or retainers to install the new module. I may be missing the brackets to attach the cables to the injection unit. Can anyone explain or send a picture of the injection and manifold so I can see what I may need?

    Thanks for your help.
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    I would think a HD manual for that year an model would be a great asset.
    We aslo have some one selling manuals on CD.

    Just a thought
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    You have a Magnetti Marreli injection system, there are no brackets the cable has its own slot on throttle body and it snaps on to a little boss on the throttle arm, there is a small e-ring that holds the cable in the slot, buy two of them as they are tough to install and I always lose the first one.
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    Exactly what Randyman said.

    You can see some good photos of the connection point Magnetti Marelli throttle body at Cruisemount.com Their instructions may help you as well. You have not experienced it, you will love having cruise control! (A friend installed the Cruisemount harness and HD controls on my 2001 Roadking Classic and I like it better than even the Screaming Eagle Six Speed transmission)